If you can't make it fake it


And if you can't make it, fake it


It doesn't matter how fake it is. As long as you have the media on your side you can make anyone believe anything. Indeed, the more macroscopic the nonsense, the more it works. What good is the truth? Nobody wants it. The lie is more seductive. It works best because it is tailored to the mediocrity of the audience that receives it. After all , the lie sells.

The truth is pure and austere. It forces  you to face yourself and scares you.

The truth is like pure spring water.

People don't want pure spring water, they want frizz, they want coca cola, they want soda water. As my friend Fabio Kandinsky pointed out to me in his profound meaningful comment about my newsletter "The Internal Model", we tell the truth amongst ourselves. We like pure water, because it is good for us. We are few, very few.

For everything else, the rest  is all false, as Robert Kyosaki so excellently  explains in his book  ‘FAKE’.

If it’s all fake, why shouldn't the American elections be? As Gerald Celente defined it “THE PRESIDENTIAL REALITY SHOW”.

I don't want to go too far on the subject. My impression is that of a Pro Wrestling type play, where very good characters in the play, simulate a fight with a lot of fake blood and fold chairs, but it's a show. These are people who play golf together, who go to ultra-exclusive clubs to which we are not invited.

The show must entertain. Twists and turns are also allowed, but you can't get far out of the script. In the USA, 4 presidents were assassinated and many others suffered more or less violent or direct attacks:


Even Obama, with the episode of the presidential plane, where he got off with only a fright:


The man who investigated the credibility of Obama’s birth certificate was Less fortunate.


Trump probably served his purpose. He played his part perfectly. It was selected to further divide the world even more, for an interlocutory phase that would serve to create the fertile ground to launch the Great Reset project.

Everyone who counted on him expected him to carry out what he promised:

1) Bring jobs back home?

2) Empty the latrine of Epstein-type pedophile filth?

3) Make America Great Again?

4) Restore meaning to the sovereignty of nations?

5) Put a stop to illegality and unbridled globalization?

He played on this by making us believe that at any moment he would have satisfied us, while, with the same proclamations he made the other half of the people angry.

He is a show man. In Italy, a very similar script was played out with Berlusconi, who is a very charismatic character and a successful entrepreneur. Both were immediately attacked by the press incessantly until the final surrender.

The players do their part, but it is the media that communicate what the mass must perceive and that is what then becomes reality. If reality is fiction it is because this is how the world of entertainment and marketing works. The physical aspect is also fundamental.

Lots of animal-people who think with their guts, only notice the aesthetic aspect, and Trump, with his orange wisp of hair, has served perfectly to destroy in simple minds the value of any content of his politics.

It's show business.

The Presidential Reality Show.

People get passionate and hope to the very in for a "messiah" who can bring things back to their right places. It doesn't matter which side. The important thing is the illusion that becomes reality. And the unsuspecting public, feeds it all with the energy that springs from the belly.

The world has always been governed by forces that know these dynamics. But people fall for it all the time.

Earlier last year, I posted on Facebook the predictions of Gerald Celente, Max Keizer and Gregory Mannarino for Trump's re-election.

Trump actually got re-elected, then came the mail boxes with 100% votes for Joe Biden. We know: from Kennedy onwards: “presidents are selected, not elected”. A few months before election day, Gregory Mannarino, who lives practically in front of the stock exchange terminal, had begun to report that the futures on Wall Street were already sure of  a Biden victory . This is very important. It makes us understand that it is Wall Street that decides who should go to the White House.  In terms of voting .... if you can't make it, fake it.

And therefore, Exsultate Jubilate! The whole world is quick to congratulate Biden, why?

Here are briefly the main reasons of a practical and economic nature seen from the side of the markets:

• Trump has been bogged down for 4 years in seeking a solution for the famous "trade deals" or trade agreements with China, which never came and which caused a nerve-wrecking wait that Wall Street does not like, because the markets want certainties , to safely place investments, bets and speculation.

• Trade tariffs, the so-called duties imposed on imported products, have ruined relations with foreign partners. This is why everyone is now wagging their tails at Biden who will get rid of these annoyances, returning the helm to the previous route, that is globalism and globalization for all.

• Despite unprecedented gains, Wall Street ended up siding with Biden because of the stimulus. Stimulus means money. There is never enough of it. For Wall Street there no amount is ever enough. Trump poured 6 trillion into wall street, but it evaporated like water in the desert. While Trump hesitated to consider new stimulus, Wall Street turned to the one who promised endless money. It's the economy, stupid! In the end, it is the economy that matters. That expression became famous after  the election strategist of Bill Clinton said it during the 1992 election campaign that led an obscure governor of the state of Arkansas to become president of the United States by defeating an incumbent president. Then as now it is always the rule n. 1. Democrat Clinton abolished the Glass-Steagall Act, giving, in fact, the greatest gift in history to Wall Street speculators. They do not forget and with gratitude and devotion, they support  the hand that gives.

What will happen now?

Now, with Trump out of the way, the trump card, that is the unexpected, the one that always changes his mind, it is all too easy to predict what will happen. The stimulus will come. The money will come. The virus, too, may slowly lose importance. It's the money that matters. But this money will be the ruin of many. In fact, the stimulus is nothing more than debt.

People want money. They want it foaming at the mouth. They think  about nothing else. They take what they get and go to buy what they need. But they doesn't understand that you can't have something for nothing. That money that comes with the stimulus plans is borrowed money. It is debts that will have to be repaid. It's a form of self cannibalism: I fill my belly by eating my leg. People don't care. The stomach commands . Debt means borrowing resources from the future to live better today. It is equivalent to cutting the tree to eat fruit, now and immediately, but the bill will come. And how will it arrive? With digital money issued directly by Central Banks. The new digital money will be progressively devalued with repeated emissions. Then, with the loosening of the grip of lockdowns, this money will begin to circulate and the speed of circulation, which is now at zero, will also cause inflation, further weakening the already poor who will sink lower and lower, pulling behind the middle class that  did not know how to react by positioning themselves correctly in this moment of epochal change.

Digital currency is not something that will have  happen sometime in the future. It already exists! Maybe I'm giving you breaking news, but in the Bahamas, my wife's country, the Sand Dollar is already in circulation.

It is accompanied by the gradual closure of traditional bank branches and which will replace the normal circulation of banknotes and means of payment. Here is the dramatic announcement by the journalist-reporter Shenique Miller.

https://it.cointelegraph.com/news/the-bahamas-launches-world-s- first-cbdc-the-sand-dollar


Everything will be done with the mobile phones.

I explained the consequences of digital currency well in the fundamental newsletter "DIGITAL DOLLARS"


I quote myself:

“Once the total digitization of the dollar system has been achieved, the advantages for those who control this system will be immense, obviously to the detriment of citizens, savers and individual freedoms. First of all, deposits structured in this way could be subject to negative rates and could even have decimal amounts, which was impossible as long as the monetary unit was based on the unit. The dollar, even reduced to its minimum unit, that is the cent, cannot have a face value lower than that shown on the coin. In the case of digital storage, there will be the possibility of having an infinite number of decimals. Furthermore, with the electronic wallet it will be possible to operate the entire function connected to the stimulus to save or spend much more easily. For example, if you want to incentivize savings, just impose limits on the use of digital dollars or propose incentives such as remuneration or bonus programs. If, on the other hand, you want to persuade people to quickly spend their savings, you can choose to impose on the same negative rates that encourage account holders to get rid of money so as not to lose purchase value. With your hand on the selector that controls the volume of money and interest rates, as if it were the volume of a radio, you can decide centrally and instantly how to direct all the money supply called M2 "

Most likely, the Bahamas, a small country of 400,000 inhabitants, was used as an experimental launch pad. Once the system is up and running, it will certainly be implemented all over the world very quickly. The advantage of digital currency, for the financial world, will also be that of totally controlling the entire money cycle, not only the creation, which is the monopoly of the Central Bank, but also the destination. That is, to decide through the internet, how the beneficiaries of virtual credits have to allocate the sum for their purchases. For example, an unemployed person receives 1000 crypto on his digital wallet in the form of coupons that can only be spent on the portal of certain centrally selected companies. We can only imagine how this makes Wall Street giants salivate with joy. They waited for nothing else, since the selected companies will be their own, the only ones who survived the Great Reset! If Trump was stalling for the realization of this, now the door is wide open and the acceleration will be very sudden.

 This new virtual monetary system will be a boon for large holders of speculative capital, who were able to position themselves correctly, thanks to the privilege of acting from within the system, but it will represent the “Demolition Derby” for savers and the middle class.

The free market does not exist: the interest rate is decided by the Central Banks which are a cartel of private banks belonging to very powerful dynasties. The value of shares and commodities is not established by free trading, but is manipulated and controlled by the trading platforms of the banks themselves that move the money and are involved in the most abject and blatant manipulation. Trade is not free, but strictly regulated by laws and treaties. Freedom does not exist in anything. Even Winston Smith in the 1984 novel believed to find it only "in the few cm3 of gray matter inside the skull", only to realize, after the treatment of room 101, that it too was owned by the Party.

We must therefore act conscientiously. How to position yourself now is all too easy. I have already explained it on other occasions. We need to look for the best way to convert non-interest bearing savings into something of real value. Many are buying gold. I think it's a good idea. But many people have no idea what it is worth. Those who value money, euros, dollars will have to prepare for a painful awakening. Euros, Pounds, Dollars and all other currencies are the measure of value, just as kilometers are the measure of a road. The value is the road, not the kilometers. A great poet said so, I'm sure you all  know who.