The dawn of a new era.


The dawn of a new era.

 Sept. 15

By Andrea Cecchi

Eyes without a face is a famous song by  Billy Idol song, which practically everyone knows.

The song seems to have predicted the condition in which people who gave up their faces were catapulted, covering it with a useless cloth, leaving only their eyes visible. Eyes without a face, in fact, like the title of the London singer's masterpiece. I looked up the  lyrics again and it is quite shocking to read the words with which it ends: “Such a human waste - You're eyes without a face. And now it's getting worse ".

By wearing the mask, people have given up their face, their identity.

In fact, the wearing of the masks seems to have become the main obsession of those who want to impose it on us. By wearing it. the docile mob, demonstrates obedience. It is a symbol of recognition, but also a symbol of an era that changes profoundly.

It seems that the main persuasion effort on people is focused on this very fetish. This is why we have been able to observe so much brutality and malice to impose it compulsorily. Hefty fines and beating with a baton to those who dared to contravene. Such evil that seems like coming right out of Malleus Maleficarum, from the court of the inquisition. When a dogma is to be accepted as an act of faith, convincing methods are needed. Batons and kicks in the face generally convince even the most stubborn heretics. If that's not enough, fines, arrests and  mandatory mental treatments.  Plus, an obsessive, 24/7 hypnotic persuasion campaign broadcast by unified networks around the world. Only very few countries have been able to resist a little better.

We recall that the same official sources to which we refer for all the requirements relating to the management of the "health emergency", were, until recently, always opposed to the use of masks. Even though it is known information, however it is good to repeat it. Since it has existed, from 7 April 1948, the World Health Organization - W.H.O. ,  has always advised against masks for the prevention of infections, Now, all of a sudden, the W.H.O has  changed its mind and in an instant adopts measures that go against their own belief from previous years.https://edition.cnn.com/2020/03/30/world/coronavirus-who-masks-recommendation-trnd/index.html

The history and medical tradition of the Surgeon General goes back many more years than the W.H.O. If the Surgeon General says something it is as if it were written in marble given the unquestionable authority it has. This is a Tweet from February 29, 2020 in which the masks were mocked. Then they changed their minds, denying it.

So, I asked myself: why did they change their mind and it became so important to impose the mask? What changed so suddenly?

Probably, indeed certainly, as in all epochal stories there is more than one reason. I will gladly read them in your comments. However, it seemed to me that the main reason could be a psychological reason. A necessary step to get people used to what is to come. I came to these conclusions thinking about a very enlightening video that I watched in 2015 and which fortunately I saved, albeit badly, by recording it from the PC with my mobile phone. I don't think the video can be found anywhere anymore because the site that spread this material no longer exists. Here is for you the transcript of the sequence of events that are planned from 2020 to 2050. A progression over time of what awaits us - I remind those who are reading that the video was from 2015:

2020 - The Avatar is created. A robotic copy of humans controlled by thought through a computerized interface will become as common as automobiles. It will initially only be a test phase. Robot androids servants in every home and employed in manufacturing jobs.

Thought-controlled android robots will provide Tele-Presence in every place in the world and abolish the need for travel for business purposes. Flying machines (drones?) And thought-based mobile communication will be implanted in the body or smeared on the skin. (ID 2020?)

2025 - An autonomous system will provide vital support for the brain that will be aligned for interaction with the environment. The human mind will be transplanted into an Avatar entity that will receive the new vital expansion. A new generation of Avatars will provide the complete transmission of the sensations of all five senses from the robotic organs to the central operator.

2030 2035 - REBRAIN a colossal brain reverse engineering project. Science is finally getting close to understanding the principles of consciousness.

2035 - First successful attempt at transferring the individual personality into an alternative carrier vehicle. The era of cybernetic immortality begins!

2040 2050 - Bodies made of nanobots will be created that can take on all kinds of shapes including holographic bodies.

2050 - Drastic changes in the social structure. The pre-requisites of space expansion are established. War and violence will be unacceptable. The highest priority will be given to the development of the spiritual self. It is the dawn of a new era:


Considering the content of this progression of events, it is noted that 2020 is the year in which the creation of the Avatar was expected, an alternative to the person who will have to accept the renunciation of his human identity for a cyber future in which man and the internet will be progressively integrated.

These are not new ideas. On February 21, 2011, The  Time magazine released an issue with this cover.

At that time I was still a subscriber to Time Magazine and read that article with great interest. In the article, all the science fiction theories of the most famous films, from Terminator to The Lawnmower Man, etc. were confirmed as irrefutable predictions of what was to come. The article brought to my attention Ray Kurzweil's Singularity project.


I don't think I'm saying anything new. It seemed to me simply curious to note how the obligation of the mask goes hand in hand with a hyper-technological agenda that points to the renunciation of human identity starting from the renunciation of one's face, as in preparation for accepting an inevitable upload of our consciousness inside the computer interface.

Eyes without a face, Billy Idol sang. Without face and without soul? Such a human waste - You're eyes without a face. And now it's getting worse.