That's what they tell us all the time and people actually believe it!

New record high! A new record for the S & P 500. The steam inside the bubble is hot with freshly issued money, because the mechanism hasn't changed and nothing else matters. The mechanism is always the same and until it changes, what we will observe will be the same thing, but more and more amplified. A big bubble that gets bigger every day. What matters is only the growth of the stock markets to give the false feeling that a hypertrophic stock market is synonymous with economic health. Nothing else matters.

• The economy in free fall? It does not matter.

• Public spending paid in deficit with new astronomical debt? It does not matter!

• Inflation that destroys savings and starves people? It does not matter!

• Explosive public debt? It does not matter!

• Unemployment at levels of human tragedy? It does not matter!

• Entire categories such as gyms, shows and restaurants destroyed? Bleah .. who cares!

Central banks control the game. Central banks monetize all debt and that's why interest rates are kept artificially low. Under normal circumstances, the interest rate should measure the risk of an investment, but if the central bank, a monopolist of monetary issuance, creates money out of thin air and buys all the debt with that money, it means that we are not in a  free market, but in a manipulated oligopoly, where the market in fact no longer exists. This is a sprain that will have to be fix sooner or later and it will not be painless.

The 10-year rate of the US Treasury and the dollar are the main proponents of the market. In order for the central bank to create money, it first needs to buy a treasury bill. With this mechanism, the central bank places its product, that is debt, on the market and the citizens agree to to repay it, through the distribution of the debt. The debt is therefore public and is owed by the indebted citizens, while the credit is private: the bank is the creditor that receives the interest and commands the debtors with arrogance.

In addition to American stock market, crypto currencies are also taking off. A vertical line that does not stop. There seems to be nothing that can stop its ascent, like a rocket launched into space. Bit coin at 62000. It was at 3000 in March 2020. Crazy!

This is also inflation. It means that it takes more monetary units to buy the same shares of a product.

Central banker Patrik Harker

Tells us : "don't worry about inflation".

According to his statements, the Federal Reserve has all the tools necessary to control inflation.

We have seen very well what the tools have been so far: printing money at  turbo speed and destruction of the retail economy to prevent the circulation of the currency with the contextual transfer of the same, to the ultra-rich class through the growth of stock markets and confiscation of savings both with creeping inflation hidden inside basic necessities, therefore indispensable and the policy of zero interest rates that do not remunerate savings, in addition to the mandatory health cruelty  that cost the citizen and bring incalculable profits to the pharmaceutical oligopoly of the sector of the Pharma-Dollar. Below is the link  to my article dedicated Pharma-dollar:

So I think it's not safe to believe Patrik Harker's words. In my opinion it is instead the case to worry. We are sailing in uncharted waters and you have to keep your eyes wide open.

Looking back, we see that a major monetary debt crisis can only be overcome in three ways:

1) Paying off the debt, which never happened.

  2) Diluting the debt with inflation that starts slowly and turns into hyper inflation in the final blaze.

3) With a great war. History has generally shown us that the options that have occurred are 2 and then 3 as a consequence of 2.

Those with  savings, are starting to worry that sooner or later the bubble will burst. It’s better to convert those savings into real and tangible goods, scarce by nature. Everyone should choose what they prefer. I like gold, silver, land with water, properties in selected areas and raw materials. Many investors are also buying antiques, vintage cars and motorbikes, pieces of art, watches and other tangible objects, which can be possessed and available. Things that hold value. Many people are also totally fascinated by crypto currencies.

The fate of the euro is uncertain for now. Brexit has given a strong signal. The fate of the euro goes hand in hand with that of the European banks. The boiling nuclear reactor inside the critical mass called the euro is Deutsche Bank: the predominant counterpart to all derivative contracts in the world. Systemic risk is well represented in the illustration below. The world will do anything to keep Deutsche Bank afloat. In fact, all economic measures, and it is easy to observe, are put in place to facilitate the German economy as much as possible, even to the detriment of the other member countries of the European Union. In Italy we are witnessing a "turbo boost" acceleration of mergers between banks, to minimize the number of subjects involved in OTC derivatives and therefore to be able to intervene more promptly and easily if other episodes such as derivative contracts that have sunk bank MPS, occur (and poor Davide Rossi) as in 2011. This illustration explains everything! Also look at the non-colored lines to understand how crazy the weave is. If one of those lines pops, the whole galaxy explodes, in an instant!

We are under attack from multiple fronts.

In addition to the economic factor, the demographic factor must also be considered, because this is what the “central planners” of the Great Reset project are looking at.

My daughter is studying marine biology and she told me about this documentary that in these days is causing a lot of discussion: the documentary Seaspiracy where humanity is accused for the consumption of fish.

The message is clear, and they repeat it over and over again in various forms:



I  canceled my subscription to National Geographics for this very reason reason. The message was always the same: humanity = cancer of the Earth.

(However, none of these promoters of anti-human ecology ever gave a good example, perhaps by finding a way to meet the Creator first, how strange).

We therefore realize that even the prolonged ecological hype, where  the Swedish activist Greta Thunberg is  its iconic image, was a preparatory step to Operation Corona, (see the book that can be purchased at this link):

launched at the same time as the Great Reset in Davos, economics and ecology are instruments that play the same music.

The final project was suggested in 1998 by the American writer Tom Clancy in the book Rainbow Six: "An ecological terrorist group and owner of a multinational pharmaceutical company plans the death of almost all of the earth's population through the development and spread of a terrible virus , "Shiva", derived from Ebola, which he intends to spread among all humanity to "clean" the Earth of its worst virus, Humans. In addition, the ex-wife of the head of the terrorist group, occupies the role of Secretary of the Environment in the United States government, but in reality she is an infiltrator of the organization. The scenario foreseen to spread the virus is the Sydney Olympics, through the cooling devices that nebulize the water droplets, and for this purpose a security company connected to the group has obtained a primary role in the surveillance of the plants ".

It is very likely that such a plan is really on the agenda. I don't think there is a single monolithic plan, but various options from which the scoundrels will choose, while having fun and dreaming, as do the newlyweds looking at the wedding and honeymoon catalogs.

In any case, world population growth has now reached about 7.9 billion people and is constantly increasing. This real human "boom" is the direct consequence of two other booms which, if observed on Cartesian curves, follow the exact trend. These are exponential curves which are now set vertically. Hyperbolic curves. They show:

• The expansion of the debt,

• The expansion of the exploitation of the resources of the planet earth,

• Population growth.

Increasing debt means mortgaging the future to live better today. Debt can increase until curves stop growing because they collide with the laws of nature. And then, inevitably, they not only stop growing, but contract. And that's the end, or the new beginning. It depends on who survives.

Solutions? Talking about solutions is really difficult. There is a risk of leading to "wishful thinking", "it would be nice"! Essentially greedy human nature places an insurmountable limit on any attempt to find a solution. We could also say that there are enough resources for everyone, but if within a community there is one covetous  person, then it is no longer possible to remain in balance. Suppose we are ten people and have a tree with ten fruits. It is enough for one of us to eat two, saying "I was hungry" and one of us would inevitably be left with nothing. And this always happens. I repeat, it is human nature!

It would be enough to follow the simple rule of doing to others what we would like them to do to us.

There is a passage from  ‘thoughts of Marcus Aurelius’ that should be the basis for reconstructing the society, that reads: "we are in the world for mutual help, like feet, like hands, like eyelids, like teeth, above and below in row; consequently any action of mutual contrast is against nature "! Once we reach this milestone, perhaps we will be ready to deserve to live in peace and harmony.