Homologation and the cup of coffee

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Recently I was reflecting on the methods implemented with bars and restaurants. One of the apparently most foolish things, is the fury regarding the way in which coffee should be taken. Why, after ordering a cup of coffee at the bar, do you have to drink it outside of the bar? It is not possible to answer this question with a logical criterion other than to go and look for the real reasons that could be of a psychological nature.

During a conversation yesterday on the phone with a friend of mine, a writer from Edinburgh John Wight, whom I met in Los Angeles in 1991, we  reflected a lot on what is happening. The conclusions we came to, analyzing patterns that are repeated in the same way all over the world, we came to the agreement, affirming that the mental reprogramming plan entrusted to the media is to divide people under any kind of possible line: race, identity, "gender", wealth, political dualism, age, sex, religion, sports fans, pro  vaccine and no-vax and so on. A kind of mantra: “humans, fight and divide. We sow tares to create confusion and you fall for it. Every time"!

This is ultra obvious. So it is undeniable that all propaganda effort is focused on fragmenting people's thinking and confusing ideas as much as possible. And here comes the coercion of  getting coffee at the coffee bar. Perhaps the most habitual of  thing done by Italians. I think there is something extremely evil in having decided to focus so much on this point, with the aim to disaccustom  people of certain everyday habits that give certainties. Certainties you get used to and cling to. They are mental patterns that must be broken down. The certainty of a daily, pleasant tradition  with a deep-rooted social value:

 “Let's go for coffee”, “I'll buy you  coffee”, “your coffee is on me ”! Having coffee together has a profound meaning. Destroying these deep-rooted certainties, contributes to break people's souls, taking away any point of support. Habits, the so-called "habits and customs" are very important elements of a people's culture. Even the mask is a diabolical thing. Getting used to non-identity by practically cover your face. The perfect synonym of "silence and resignation, as they say in military jargon, where it is not by chance that the uniform is worn to be" uniformed. "The mask forces us to be faceless and therefore emotionally and aesthetically irrelevant. The psychological domination plan, seems to be centered on the mechanism of homologation of the masses which is implemented with:

1. The deprivation of identity through wearing  the mask.

2. With the eternal fear of each other through division and conflict using on every thing possible and imaginable.

3. With the destruction of certainties by eliminating what could give a sense of security and belonging.

4. With widespread fear 24/7 - 365 days a year.

5. The constant reversal of the meaning of everything. It is not difficult to understand what lies behind the inversion: the inverted symbol.

6. The progressive detachment from the use of cash which, once dematerialized, will make humans gradually accept  not having any more money, also eliminating the possibility of giving alms.

7. People now distrustful of each other, detached from family and without friends, can only count on the State, which will have total control and the despotic power of life and death.

Homologation serves mainly for to those in power, because a mass of people suspicious of each other ,no longer assimilable is much easier to manage. We are noticing the field work necessary for the creation of a culturally homogeneous mass that is progressively disconnected from its daily habits. Coffee at the coffee bar is typically an Italian habit. Elsewhere, you can have coffee "at Starbucks": a paper cup with a plastic lid, strictly to take away.

I have chosen to use getting a cup of coffee as an example, but there are many other habits that are gradually disappearing: shaking hands, greeting with a kiss, hugging, going to the beach freely, leaving the house when you want, playing together, paying with money and a thousands of others.

The final purpose, after the annihilation of identity, dignity, contact with others and all certainties, is to have created a homogeneous, shapeless and defenseless mass of subjects-cattle whose number is thus more easily manageable by artificial intelligence that will regulate everything. Once the livestock has been approved, the task of the algorithms entrusted to the super computers will calculate with extreme accuracy the linear movement perimeter of the livestock, its food, energy and pharmacological needs, and intervene promptly in the event of anomalies, carefully suppressing the non-compliant elements. to the desired standards. A world in which the production and exploitation of the planet's resources must follow a centralized planning, eliminating any waste and any possibility of error. A bit like what  happens in the production of high fashion bags, where the brand supplies the leather craftsman with the exact amount of leather to sew a predetermined number of bags, so that not even a scrap of leather can escape the industrial commercial planning.

All this progressive deprivation of freedom will be imposed with more and more medical terrorism, waving the ecological flag that will remind everyone, at all times, that human life is synonymous with both mutual and environmental infection.

Economic planning, without the variables of a variegated humanity, will therefore be much easier to entrust to artificial intelligence programming. They are convenience calculations. Our passions are a nuisance to those computers that will end up managing us, because they haven’t  yet understood it completely.

Well, if that's the plan, I don't like it. I don't like homologated humanity, I like differences. Human races are beautiful, as are languages, dialects (what would the world be without Neapolitan songs?), Customs and individual skills that distinguish us from one another. Humanity has now reached exceptional levels of perfection in many fields. Just watch extreme sports videos. People doing somersaults with motorcycles, diving from dizzying heights, daring athletes who jump off the mountains on skis making incredible jumps. Alessia Zecchini, who descended in freediving to 112 meters. Human ingenuity has created unimaginable things, and continues to churn out works of art, engineering, architecture of incalculable beauty and genius.

So I say it loud: HUMANS WE DON'T SUCK!

We do not suck, don’t let it be said of us and never be convinced of this! Our life has value! Let us not be deprived of our habits. We must resist and keep our values and our differences high, starting with daily habits, as if they were rituals to fight against the homologation of a system that wants us all to be equal as objects and not as subjects. Resist the invasion of the body snatchers? Maybe going to get a cup of coffee is all that it is needed!