Rule # 1: Don't lose  money

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At this point, after many long newsletters, I think it is now clear to everyone what is happening. Let's recap: in short, we have arrived at the crossroads of an economic and social model that must be changed because it has reached its structural limit. The change, called the Great Reset, is revealed before our eyes. It is up to us to want to see it and act accordingly, or ignore it and sink in the direction that the Great Reset has in store for us, that is, down into the abyss of misery.

Taking action requires a minimum of commitment such as: reading these newsletters, getting informed, studying as much as possible and moving your butt. This is why most people, without backbone, will prefer to sink by giving their hands to the tormentors of the Great Reset, thus allowing themselves to be accompanied into the favelas of indigence and the total surrender of their freedom.

At this point, rule number 1 is: DON'T LOSE MONEY!

We should never lose sight of this very important thing. There are those who object that money is not everything in life and many other sentimental conjectures, but that thought is quickly abandoned at the first toothache, and it is then that you discover how convenient money is, when it’s you need it  to pay the dentist. As the song says: "no romance without finance"!

In this newsletter I want to keep a very practical tone, assuming that everyone at this point has understood the diabolical plot. Starting from this assumption, I think it is really necessary to be ready to face the next ten years of the Great Reset, in the most solid position possible. In the toolbox we will need: health, physical and mental, courage, economic solidity and a social network of like-minded people in our circle.

The system aims to increasingly impoverish people to ensure that they accept the global model of life with which they wish to control all of humanity. I know well that those who read my newsletters do not agree with this totalitarian drift. We must therefore try to defend ourselves as best as possible starting with the defense of our savings which are at the center of the attack. Those who are economically sound will be more difficult to crush.

Most of us have savings expressed in one single currency. That exposes us to 100% currency risk. I don't even think it necessary to say that this is imprudent. In Italy our euros are a monopoly of the Bundesbank and that Germany is frothy in the mouth to see that the Italians still have savings and are still alive. Those savings are at risk. Those who have no savings, in a sense, have already solved the problem of worrying about how to try to save them, but will have to face the struggle by swimming against the strong current that pushes down the social ladder and that will gradually tend to crush the most economically weak towards that enormous social class occupied by the billions of poor people who live “hand to mouth”. To get an idea, take a look at the suburbs of Karachi, Lahore, Lagos, Bogotà, but also some Italian and American cities where poverty is starting to hit very hard.

In practice, save some sort of miracle, the trend from here on is like what we have seen now, but progressively getting worse and worse.

Doing nothing, not acting now, is tantamount to losing; first a little at a time and then all at once!

How the system works, we are told every year with the punctual Christmas appointment in the film: “Trading Places”. Every year, the viewers watch the film, laugh and amuse themselves, but still do not understand how the system works. Yet it is there, blasted in the face. They do not hide anything. Every year, punctually, they show us the film and tell us “fools, this is how we rob you! With control of the financial markets, and you still think it's a comedy movie, you poor fools ”! Every year, at Christmas, we celebrate with the film the gift we all give to the financial parasitic class, working like crazy, to enrich them. It should be known that stock market financial transactions are an integral part of calculating gross domestic product. GDP is a very important component, because every monetary decision is made on the basis of the famous debt / GDP ratio, therefore the greater the amount of financial transactions, including all the stinking mud of fake hyper speculative finance, the higher the possibility of a state being considered virtuous and solvent. In short, it's all disgusting.

For this reason, I think it is necessary to pinch oneself and go back to focusing on what really makes sense and keep our eyes fixed on one point, because there are so many distractions and we risk losing our compass and orientation. At all economic meetings, there is a lot of talk about fiscal stimulus, expansionary maneuvers, rate curves and other deadly boring terms. In reality, there is no one who really knows what happens when a measure is implemented. Many economists debate for hours with conflicting opinions and many conjectures can be made, all certainly sensible and attractive. But in practice this is what happens: you try something and observe the result. That's all it is. An immense amount of books on economics and it all comes down to attempts, like in the kitchen, when trying new recipes. The trouble comes when you mess up and the  recipe doesn’t come out right, you try to remedy it during cooking; like when you put too much salt in the pasta and try to fix it by adding water, milk and other remedies, while instead you should realize that it’s a big mess, admit that we screwed up the recipe, throw everything in the garbage and start over.

In 2008, after the subprime mortgage bubble burst, it was necessary to have understood that it was better to stop adding too much salt to the pasta and it could still have been remedied. Not anymore now! You have to throw the system down the toilet and do it all over again and here comes the Great Reset, and the highest price will be paid by the European middle class.

Now we must  be careful. The media works very hard to create the reality that is needed by the control system. The public is confused by an immense amount of information and data and by so much fear. Terror leaves us petrified, and those who are petrified do not act. The media are masters in the neurosciences and use deadly techniques to create conflicting emotions and break the soul. These  events are often tailor-made to give rise to the necessary scenarios that give rise to the favorable economic territory. As I’ve already written in my newsletter PRICES GO SUEZ,


I warned that there would be repeated attempts to push up the price of crude oil, to create artificial dollar demand. Hence yet another conflict breaks out in the Middle East, where people's emotions are all engaged in the game of anger, hatred, sorrow and emotion, so that the price of crude oil can move calmly and blissfully, behind the smokescreen of blood and bombs. Distractions cause you to lose focus. Attention is captured using emotions and the sneaky economic game continues on its way undisturbed.

It is a very dangerous situation. If danger comes, you have to run, not stay still, otherwise you will be overwhelmed. With these newsletters, I try to shake  you up, to allow all of us to be alert and ready to move, becoming aware and putting the spotlight on what in the end really matters which is the safeguarding of our economic prosperity, to avoid sinking into the favelas of misery. Reading here and there is very interesting and I also dedicate a lot of energy to studying and to increase my knowledge, reading one book after another, but it can also be something dispersive, at a time when it is necessary to concentrate our focus and energy on the right direction. This is why I always like to emphasize how fundamental the economic component is within this diabolical conspiracy. If you get too distracted by following a thousand streams, you lose sight of the most practical and indispensable of needs, which is to maintain economic serenity, without which it will not be possible even to stay healthy, for easily understandable reasons, such as, for example, to be able to buy quality food.

Rule No. 1, I repeat is: do not lose money. We lose it every day because money is inflationary by nature, being a debt unit. After the sacrifices made to earn and save, it is hard to see money blown away like this. Many investors have been attracted to the world of crypto currencies. It is difficult to instill distrust when something has allowed many exceptional gains. Surely there will be opportunities for further earnings and whoever wants can play at will. There are over 4500 crypto currencies to enjoy. However, it could also be useful to reflect on the fact that the price of Bitcoin really started to rise after March 2020, at the same time as the launch of the Corona Operation. Strange isn't it? Coincidence? I go fishing and all fishermen know that to catch a lot of fish you must first chum. What does it mean to chum? It means giving the fish handfuls of free food to attract them to the hook, under the boat. Easy earnings don't exist. If someone gives something away, they are probably chumming. Like the Trojan Horse: it's the oldest trick in the world. People skilled in communication can convince you of anything. Promising easy money is a trick that always works. The web is full of people who, for a subscription of € 29.99, promise that you will  earn tens of thousands per year, without explaining why. If it is so easy to make money,  then why do they need to ask us to give them a meager. 29.99?

Even politicians always promise benefits and privileges for everyone, then when it comes to delivering on those promises, they realize that money is needed to do so and go to the bankers, hat in hand, to try to beg for money, which is the monopoly of the banks and it’s them who ultimately decide who will have money and who will not.

When I recommend buying cans and stocks of food and  physical gold, I don't promise earnings and complicated financial schemes. These are simple things that have no counterparty risk. You don't have to do the Mifid questionnaire to buy a can of pineapple. It is not speculative advice. Just as it is not speculative to buy gold. We should convert part of our money into something tangible that can be disposed of immediately and personally, without asking and waiting for anyone. Better be ready. Gold refers to physical gold. Virtual investments such as ETCs are however something abstract that exists only within IT systems. The difference between a roll of coins in your pocket and an ETC is like finding yourself being threatened by a thug and having a solid Glock or the paper title representative of it in an open account with a financial institution. I do not think that the criminal would give up his criminal intent by seeing a sheet of paper waved in his face with the words written on it: it's worth a gun!

All the strategies discussed above remain valid. Create a reliable network of solidarity, invest in your work and improve your personal skills. Learn to do new things and to repair objects. When the financial tsunami arrives, we need to be as prepared as possible and be ready to resist mentally as well.

Governments will never admit that there is inflation and no one will ever recommend buying gold. Because the system wants the trust in paper money that is debt to remain. The fisherman who throws the chum, to remain in metaphor, will never go and tell the fish that it is a trap. The powerful don't want people to have gold. The  powerful are bothered  by the fact that people have gold. In fact, the advice has always been to sell gold, and the Italians have obeyed and bitten like catfish (famous for swallowing all the hook all the way, up to the stomach).  120 tons of gold  a year leave Italy, in the form of earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets, which people got rid of to obtain a few euros, bartering the solidity of the value, for paper euros that was immediately spent, perhaps buying some Chinese gadgets. Well, all the gold sold to the "we buy gold" shops, ended up in the gold reserves of China and will never return to Italy. A wealth lost forever. Even the euros earned from the sale of jewelry ended up in China, in exchange for cell phones and other discount junk. What remains after that? Eyes to cry.

Many ask me this question: - "but how much gold do I have to purchase"? So: this is what I suggest. Go to your bank to have a chat with the financial advisor who usually assists you and see what is  advised or proposed. Try to go to more than one bank, to compare proposals. If what they say makes sense, it gives you confidence and a credible strategy is proposed, great. The problem is solved! But if you have any doubts about what they say, buy gold, and then more gold! It is a practical, simple, quick and common sense solution.

Common sense is the best answer to the most complicated of situations.

There is still time now. The price of gold still, fortunately, has not risen too much. Rothschild also attributed the success of his wealth to the fact that he had always invested before the price took off. Unfortunately, the mentality of the masses means that everyone wants the same thing at the same time. Nobody wants something when it's cheap and nobody is talking about it. Now nobody is talking  about gold and it is therefore a good time to get it at an advantageous cost.

We live in a very strange time. We are bombarded with the most absurd things. They tell us that babies are born from rainbows, that the best food is plastic lobsters, and that money is beautiful when it is crypto. Really? Is it so? To me the word crypto reminds me of what is hidden and not seen, as in cryptorchidism,


or the clinical condition in which the testicles are invisible. Beautiful!

I am a traditionalist. I still remember how babies are made and it's pretty enjoyable, just as real lobsters are good to eat. And  money for me is what I have in my hand. I also note that central banks actually have gold reserves made of solid gold bars and I think it is prudent to do as they do and have my own gold reserve too.

Gold is the safe haven asset. Knowing you have it gives you confidence and  allows you to sleep peacefully.

In a world full of dangers, gold is like mamma’s house to which you can always return at any time and find something hot to eat, a hug and a made-up bed. You can jump into the fray and fight of every day in this crazy life, and it is right to do so, but everything is easier knowing that you can count on the safety of someone or something that will never betray us, and gold has never betrayed anyone.