Let’s assess the situation (English)

How to defend ourselves from this moment of enormous change?

I remember that  September 11th  2001, I was at work when the news of the attack on the twin towers arrived. Back home, shortly after 5pm Italian time, I remember that my father , my brother and I were watching the images broadcast on TV. After not even two frames of the collapsing towers, my brother, a building contractor at the time, said "come on, get outta here you gottta be kidding me .... they did it themselves"! A simple Florentine bricklayer, after two seconds, looking at the images of the collapse of the World Trade Center had obviously already understood that there was something wrong.

Thus began my interest in seeking the truth. Like a cold shower, in 2001, when my only daughter was just one year old, I began to understand.

The right sources of information were given to me by my friend and mentor Mario Puccioni. I started studying and reading outside the lines, but years had to go by because I still didn't have internet, and my connection was still in its infancy stage. But I read a lot, and I began my approach to non-fiction.

In 2007 I viewed the documentary Zeitgeist:

Then I started to follow the most well-known counter information sites: Effedieffe, Comedonchisciotte, Stampalibera, Disinformazione.it, Avvocato Franceschetti, Marco Della Luna, etc. and in English, Globalresearch, Zerohedge, Counterpunch and many others. Since then, dozens and dozens of sites have been closed, and some authors have disappeared and some have been killed. Print or save these newsletters. I don't know if they will disappear.

At the beginning of 2020, when this situation broke out, I saw that all the comments and all the attention was focused on the health part and on the part closely linked to political control. I realized that no one had yet made the economic connection and so I decided to write it myself, in this newsletter , ‘THE RIGHT VIRUS AT THE RIGHT MOMENT’ which for me was the missing piece. After that newsletter, many started to understand more, because it all made sense .

Frankly, I wasn't expecting any notoriety. I had a newsletter read by about fifty friends. Then once I’d written ‘THE RIGHT VIRUS AT THE RIGHT MOMENT’ and the other article It IS ALL CONNECTED,

my friend Nicola Bizzi, whom I know and respect for his work as a very good historian, shared my article on Facebook and my notoriety arrived, without having officially requested it, but perhaps, because it was simply destiny. If I hadn't gone to Nicola Bizzi's lectures and if I hadn't gained his friendship, perhaps you wouldn’t be reading my newsletters. The apotheosis was reached when the legendary journalist Maurizio Blondet, the spiritual father of all "conspiracy theorists", started sharing my newsletters:


It's all connected has had 36,686 readings to date from the newsletter alone. Not to mention  copying, pasting and the shares.


( Here the English version: https://andreacecchi.substack.com/p/its-all-connected)

I’ve read thousands of articles and books. I’ve listened to hours and hours of audiblogs on Youtube and other channels by highly trained people. Several dozen conferences I have attended in person. Based on my studies , preparation , interpretation and summary, what I do now is a task of synthesis and adaptation , in hopes to make these complex and at times difficult subjects to understand,  more comprehensible. The right thing for me to do is to share these newsletters  for free, so that we can all grow together. In fact, thanks to the comments I receive, I realized that we are many and that we are strong! And I also continue to learn thanks to friends who comment and provide me with very interesting information and ideas. Some of you are much better than I am, I have come to that realization. Thanks for the honor of commenting here.

At this point, it seems to me that I have written everything there is to know, to evaluate with the right measurement the economic component of this diabolical plot. A broader view can be found in our book Operation Corona. A book full of information. Anyone who has experienced and understood what happened in 2020 should have a copy. The Internet can disappear, the sites and sources from which we obtain information can be deleted with a click by the authorities of the IT agency. A book at home cannot be erased, it must be burned. I gave my contribution for this book for free and I'm glad it was appreciated.

It is difficult to say which was the most important book or piece of my life. As I write, there is part of my bookcase behind me and seeing the titles of the books printed on the covers, I really don't know which one to choose: all fundamental, from Steinbeck to Mullins. There was an article, which I read on Global Research,  which I still feel tied to and which unfortunately I have not saved. It was a short article called "Count Your Blessings".

Even now it is more relevant than ever. In a moment of devastating desperation, in which all seems lost, there is now a great need for words of encouragement. Basically the message was to think and give thanks for what we have, rather than despair over what we can't have.

What we have we have earned with great effort. Our parents and grandparents saved it for us with immense sacrifices. Now it's up to our generation, to make a superhuman effort to try not to have it stolen and to have it taken away by force by the scoundrels who aim to destroy us.

What is happening is a direct and targeted attack on our "blessings". The fruit of our hard work and perseverance. We are facing a great crossroads. How big? Like the movie Elysium: there will be those who will be saved and those who will lose everything. We are at the sound of the trumpets!

How to defend ourselves from this moment of enormous change?

1) First of all, you need to invest in your own culture. It is not enough to read my newsletters and go on social networks. You have to read books and try to understand with your own head how the pyramid of power is structured. The bottom provides energy to the top that detaches and lights up. Once they are vampirized, it's over!

2) Then you have to try to stay healthy and fit. Exercise, tone your muscles and eat healthy stuff. Mental and physical health are two fundamental pillars, which is why they have closed the gyms and have people stay motionless at home ordering unhealthy fast food.

3) Then it is necessary to be kind and reconnect neighborly relations to weave relationships of friendship and solidarity with the people who live near us. Alone it will be impossible to make it.

4) We need to find out what our abilities are and give them the right value, so as not to be demeaned by those who only enhance the material success given by profits and social status. Never give up psychologically.

5) Whoever has the opportunity, learn a manual trade, start a vegetable garden, learn how to repair things and do without unnecessary stuff. Try to become independent and have sufficient supplies to cope with possible moments of food shortage.

6) Whoever has savings, know that it is the number 1 target of the economic reset. When the monetary reset arrives, it will come suddenly. There will be no one who will call us the day before and will notify us in time. So you have to start preparing now. Better too soon than too late.

Point 6 will be the subject of my next book to be released on May 5th.