In English - Originally posted in Italian on January 31st 2021


(Originally posted in Italian on January 31st.)

These days I don't really want to write anymore because what is happening is nothing different from what I have already written, and I don't like repeating myself. In addition, there are many people much better and more active than me who write and make videos all the time, so what need is there for me to write something too? By now, those who have read the previous newsletters, have certainly understood that it is a global “Grand Canular” and that things will go on exactly as I have already clearly narrated in what I have already written.

Thinking about this, I am reminded of my old accounting professor, Ricci, a myth, who had written an exceptional book from which I truly learned. Accounting and double entry are difficult matters, but Ricci had prepared a book, which he called "il Verde, or il Verdino" depending on the occasion, due to the green cover, and any question relating to the more complex question of applied accounting, was answered by reading the "Green book".

To the question: Professor, what does this index mean? .... Ricci replied: "Did you read the green"? And so on. It was enough to consult “the Green book”, and accounting was no longer a mystery, but an easy and understandable subject.

The memory of professor Ricci’s reply makes me smile, because when I’m asked questions about the economy, I tend to answer as Professor Ricci would: “did you read my newsletters”?

It's all written there. Thus the current situation. Reread the previous newsletters. There is not only an accurate analysis of what is happening, but also a forecast of what will happen in the coming years.

If you read my Exultate Jubilate newsletter, I had written that what would happen during and after the US presidential election would be like a Pro Wrestling type show, with great actors and great drama; with continuous reversals and twists built by a direction of unrivaled skill in the art of deception, illusion and entertainment. As well as the other newsletters where I tell the interconnectedness of the markets, the tremendous manipulation, and the thin thread by which the whole economy is based.

Some friends want me to comment on the recent GameStop case.

In this case, I don't have a certain answer, just a feeling that I'm happy to share, that I’d like to  discuss together with my subscribers. Surely this is a historical moment in which there are magmatic forces moving underground. Sprouts of lava and lapilli come out here and there that offer stunning spectacles. It is all due to the fact that the economic system is held together in an artificial way, and the forces at play seek their balance, with natural and non-natural movements. It is difficult to understand the difference in the nature of the manifestations that present themselves before our eyes.

What I feel I can say is that we must try to evaluate reality on the basis of what we really think and what is probably not reality, but is “PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT”.

When a story becomes public, it means that there is a central will that wants this to happen, for everyone to talk about it. Quite right? Arguments of various kinds, even very important ones, are ignored, while stories, at times apparently irrelevant, are trumpeted and bounced by all the media and all social media and opinion leaders, in a real hammering way that has the final result of PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT.

This reasoning brings us to a question that I think it is legitimate to ask: "what they are telling me, is it really relevant to me, or does it have another or  second hidden purpose"?

This is where the story  about GameStop's short squeeze, which we all know, comes into the picture.

The official narrative goes roughly like this: a group of retail investors came to an agreement on a chat, and they displaced the hyper speculative Hedge Funds that were positioned downwards with "naked short" purchases on the GameStop stock.

The story is fascinating. In this moment in which we have all hoped for a revenge for the good, against the misdeeds of the usual bad guys, such news creates enthusiasm and desire for revenge. I don't know about you, but an image like this to me smells like manufacturing a mile away, complete with slogans and  nerd faces:

In my opinion, it could therefore not be a spontaneous phenomenon, but a real advertising operation to entice more and more people to embrace the world of Online Trading.

Let's think about it; these days, due to lockdowns and economic restrictions and freedom of movement, there are billions of people in the world who have been locked up for months who live their lives on the couch in front of a hand held digital screen. These billions of individuals collectively have billions of dollars standing still that could instead be diverted to the financial markets. The screen in front of which they are constantly glued, communicates to these people the reality that they must perceive through the manufacture of perception. Often they are smart workers or benefit recipients who have no way to spend their money. What better distraction than to use these savings, speculating in the world of online trading, with the hope of making a lot of money from the couch, simply by riding the sensational opportunities that arise, in a world where only those who are fools keep their money sitting in the banks  instead of using it to earn in the great virtual world of online financial betting, where everyone is making a lot of money, EXCEPT YOU "!

To entice anyone to abandon their hesitations and beliefs, various scenarios and perspectives are synthetically created. People, through the message of highly skilled communicators, choose who speaks the most convincing language. If speculating on the stock exchange was for many, until now, a repugnant activity reserved for the bad guys, here comes the benevolent solution, that is, the good speculators who team up against the bad Hedge Funds. Savers are so tempted to stop holding their savings  sitting on their accounts and can now participate in an ethical battle against the tyrannical system of banks and “reptilians” using their money as an anti-establishment weapon. In conclusion. Any aspect of our nature and our mind is already foreseen, calculated and contemplated on the Excel sheets of the industrial plans.

The result obtained is always the same:


We must never lose sight of what is the slogan of the Great Reset of the World Economic Forum and carried out by Joe Biden, a slogan that beats the drum at the rhythm of which we must all march: BUILD BACK BETTER! Rebuild better!

In order to rebuild, one must first destroy. The retail economy must be destroyed in order to rebuild the New World they have planned.

Each method is valid at this point. If there is liquidity available at the base, that is, among the people, it must be channeled into the markets, where sooner or later it will disappear for the benefit of the oligopolistic positions that control the markets themselves.

These days, while all eyes were on the GameStop stock, there was no more physical silver to buy. Whoever has it physically in their pockets,  should keep it tight, together with all that is real and precious.

The trick that these clever ones play is the usual one, with some technological variant, but basically, it is always the same one that is repeated on a seasonal basis and always works: to make people believe that they are smarter than the dealer, with the prospect of making a lot of money quickly and easily without effort. Some do make money, but when the game is over, the chickens are always plucked.