RAPIDLY- The Great Reset in 10 points

The Great Reset in 10 points


The Great Reset in 10 points

1.       July-August 2019: serious structural problems begin to appear when the US Treasury surprisingly withdraws $ 190 billion from the Treasury General Accounts, opened at the Federal Reserve branch in New York and managed by the main banks called Primary Dealers. https://www.newyorkfed.org/markets/primarydealers#primary-dealers


 The 190 billion thus run out of bank reserves and end up in public spending, but that was money already committed in the counterparty risk galaxy of the REPO market, or the huge global market in which banks and financial operators obtain short-term liquidity to stay in the game in the economic world. Remember that thanks to the leverage effect, every dollar in reserve supports an exponentially greater number of dollars wagered.

       3.     September 2019: there are no more dollars! There are no more! Lacking liquidity, the balances of reciprocal    matches in the REPO market begin to send worrying signs of a domino effect. American, European, Japanese banks, etc., all asking each other for dollars, but dollars cannot be found. Let us remember that it is an economic / financial world where everything is connected in a counterparty risk of millions of billions. > MILLIONS OF BILLIONS

September 17, 2019: interest rates in the REPO market suddenly spiked to 10%. The Bank of International Settlements intervened  by sounding the alarm, like the siren before the bombing. Either we run for cover or it all blows up!

5.            On October 18, 2019, Event 201 was staged in New York. The big names of the world come together for a simulation that would become real in a few weeks. The dress rehearsal of an epidemic of a new zoonotic coronavirus! Playing card that was already in the drawer for several years.

6.            On  January 20, 2020 The Big names of the globalized world meet again in Davos and the THE GREAT RESET program is illustrated, i.e. the need for an especially economic reset to manage the risk of global explosion due to an economic scheme that is no longer manageable in any way. With the opportunity, why not, also accelerate the globalist policy program that will have the ground leveled by a crisis created ad hoc.

7.            Thus begins OPERATION CORONAVIRUS. To implement the Great Reset it is necessary to defuse the time bomb that is the market for REPOs and derivatives. To do this, you need money. Here then is that billions of dollars are created out of thin air and thrown in shovels fulls where they are needed.

8.            The risk now is that all these new billions will start circulating creating inflation. To combat inflation, the most effective method is to block money velocity. To block money velocity , people need to stay at home.

9.            All human activities where the currency circulates with greater exuberance are abruptly blocked; that is all those recreational and playful activities where people have fun, are well, are happy and spend willingly: restaurants, discos, bars, pubs, travel, holidays, sports, aggregative events, concerts,  also religious events, where people can find comfort in faith and escape from the panic and terror spread by the media 24-hours a day.

10. The economic / social reset program will last several years, with still very dramatic peaks. Alternate with seemingly peaceful moments. All this to allow a controlled demolition of the economic system that is no longer manageable and the contextual controlled demolition of the social model where the middle class is no longer expected to exist.

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