And coconut milk


And coconut milk


The Birdseed challenge

We all have our own defined personality. In life we change based on the books we read, the trips we take and the people we meet. Certain films are also important.  In some of the best movies,  one  often finds a combination of  all the three experiences.

The people we meet can do us good or can harm us. Extremely important things are learned from stories or being around friends or acquaintances. Experiences that we carry with us all our lives. One of the most beautiful stories I've read recently is the  story told by the great athlete and free diving champion Umberto Pellizzari, Pictured below. He spoke about an experience of an encounter, from which he learned, and in my humble opinion, passed on a memorable lesson.

“His name was Brisbe ', he was a Maldivian fisherman, already very old when I met him. One evening, while I was fishing with a hand line by the end of a dock, he sat next to me. He threw a piece of coral into the water and then poured the milk of half a coconut. He watched them disappear and invited me, with simplicity, to be milk and not coral, to be the sea, to merge, forgetting about my nature, float into new forms.”

In this very short story you learn a lesson of incredible wisdom. It is a dimensional leap that in an instant makes us understand the smallness and futility of many human concerns.

Although the concept in this case refers to a better performance underwater, having read other of his books and listened to the excellent Pellizzari in many of his lectures and conferences, I know well that this goes  beyond sports performance but also leads us towards the understanding of a path that is necessary to take, in order not to sink like a piece of dead coral, but to merge with existence and become one with it, like the coconut milk that melts in the sea. A dimensional leap that will be essential to make now more than ever, to face the world and to come without anguish. From here on, I let go of trying to give advice, because I am not capable of guiding  anyone as we cross the material dimension and begin to delve into the spiritual one and I am nobody to go into depths concerning spiritual aspects.

Unfortunately, despite the terrible events, let's say from 11 September onwards, up to the current dictatorship, not much has changed in the general perception of reality by the populations. Although I must say, many people have begun to understand, most continue to be "pieces of dead coral" and to sink into the dark abyss of inhumanity.

It is not easy to understand the complexity of the situation and make the "upgrade", the leap in quality, the transmutation. The official narrative is very determined in its intent to continue to sink the masses into the darkness of the abyss, from which it will be extremely difficult emerge.


It's just an illusion, "It's not that it's just an illusion that always brings me back into all this confusion"! So Imagination sang in their masterpiece song. It really seems like a great illusion in which everything is fake and constantly transforms, making us lose the cornerstones of reality. Is it just my impression? The level of untruth reached is so absurd that you really have to pinch yourself to know if you are awake or dreaming. Yet the falsehood goes on and overlaps with reality, becoming one. It's all so absurd that it wouldn't be surprising if, at the top of all this diabolical machination, moving the curtain like the Wizard of Oz, behind the scenes there were, let’s say, Beavis and Butthead laughing at their joke. "Hey Beavis, look ... they’re wearing masks ... they are like: masksochists..ha ha ha ha .."

Unfortunately, this is not the case. "The Structure," as author Paolo Rumor called it exists, and has been working for thousands of years to carry out its plan. What is the plan for the near future? It doesn't take long to figure it out. Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò wrote it in black and white in his letter to Donald Trump: "“A global plan called the Great Reset is underway. Its architect is the global elite who wants to subdue the whole of humanity, imposing coercive measures to drastically limit individual freedoms and those of the entire population. In many countries this plan has already been approved and funded; in others it is still in the initial phase. Behind the world leaders who are accomplices and executors of this infernal project, there are unscrupulous people who finance the World Economic Forum and Event 201, promoting their agenda. The purpose of the Great Reset is the imposition of a health dictatorship with the aim of imposing liberticidal measures, hidden behind tempting promises to ensure a universal income with the cancellation of individual debt. The price of this concession by the International Monetary Fund will be the renunciation of private property and the participation in the vaccination program against Covid 19 and Covid 21 promoted by Bill Gates with the collaboration of pharmaceutical groups. In addition to the huge interests that motivate the promoters of the Great Reset, the imposition of vaccination will be accompanied by a requirement of a "health passport" and a digital identity, with the consequent tracking of the population of the entire world. Those who do not accept these measures will be confined to detention camps or under house arrest and all their resources will be confiscated ”.

We must take note of this plan. There is not much more to say. This is what they want to do and that is exactly what they will do. The motive with which they will pass this crime is environmentalism. I have always told my friends that when a word ends with ISM, it means  pay attention and ask yourself, what’s the catch.

Environmentalism is easy to sell. Conceptually it is also a right thing. We must reflect and look at what happened with Fukushima, the mountains of garbage, the oil disasters like Deepwater Horizon and the industrial models in which the production, even of useless things, cannot be stopped. Such an industry is that of  car manufacturing, where cars are manufactured in excess, to then be left to rust in huge open-air parking lots, in order not to lower the final cost.

The economic model that has guided the world so far was certainly a nefarious model. I remember when I went to California for the first time in 1990, I saw an appliance unknown to me next to the washing machine: the dryer. It seemed crazy to me to consume energy to dry clothes in a place where there is all that sunshine, when I was taught since childhood that you have to turn off the light to save electricity and money. I’ve seen senseless waste. Cruise Ships, and all the food they throw away. Las Vegas, where there is a coal-fired power plant that serves only to power all the lights in the casino and that in one day burns a mountain of coal the size of one of the a  hill. The powerful lights at the top of the pyramid of the Luxor Casino, while we are careful to turn off the 25W light bulb. Objectively, solutions had to be found. Unfortunately, the solutions taken are even crazier than the problems. Especially for the fact that the truth concerning the management of these important issues is completely distorted and entrusted to a dogmatic narrative. People are now so conditioned by these dogmas that they have even stopped saying the phrase: "return to normality". The world as it was in 2019 is already forgotten. This is the norm. People have been tamed. Like an animal: after the owner has trained and tamed him with the whip, he will be happy to serve him and wag his tail, for his bowl of food. People are really happy to cover their mouths and stay closed in the house. The master tells them "good" and they wag their tails salivating. It's Just an Illusion, the illusion of an invented disease that creates a mental prison that becomes pleasure.

It's all fake! And what’s fake prevails. The fake news in the media is a blaze of joy when it confirms what the mind already fermented and is eager to hear. Japanese inflatable dolls are more preferred than real life women:

The artificial flavours in synthetic junk food attract miles-long queues at suburban Burger King drive-through.

Even money, which was already fake before, seems to have taken the direction of the new imaginary era: “virtual money” and “crypto”, that is, hidden, stored away. Hidden where? It does not matter. Just have faith that it exists and that's it.

Economic and monetary policies are dictated by openly socialist organizations such as the IMF, the International Monetary Fund. Kristalina Georgieva has publicly stated that there is a need for a new Bretton Woods:

What is a new Bretton Woods? It is a new system of economic equilibrium based on new monetary systems, just like those decided at Bretton Woods in 1944 and which are still in place, but on the verge of their natural "expiration date", like yogurt.

This is momentous, because behind the current Bretton Woods system there is the US dollar to which all other currencies and all businesses are indexed, and behind the US dollar there is the American military power. I do not know if it is clear, but it is an immensely important matter, because in the desire to oust the American dollar from the throne, the American nuclear armed force is in fact bypassed, which until now has mobilized its troops in all corners of the world, to ensure the stability and inevitability of this system based on the inviolable DOLLAR-OIL-TRADE-FINANCE paradigm.

Officially declaring the need to accelerate the implementation of a new economic system called "New Bretton Woods" means taking out the dollar and consequently, US military supremacy. I don't know how much the generals, the admirals and the whole Pentagon will agree. This will be a very serious struggle that has the conflict between Trump and Biden as a visible and understandable part and, on a larger scale: the one between the West and the East. It is good to know that Wall Street has already decided to abandon the West and aim for the East, because Asia offers everything corporate power needs to continue to remain firmly at the top of the control pyramid. Asia is a numerically larger and younger market in demographic terms. Most of the technology is developed and consumed in Asia. The old world is no longer necessary. It is old both by birth and culturally. Attached to traditions and humanistic values ​​of the individual that are an obstacle to the inhuman and robotic capital. In this tug-of-war, the equalizer is Russia, which is in fact, always defined as "the enemy".

Already in the old Bretton Woods there was talk of a global currency, the Bancor, proposed by Keynes. Then it was decided instead to adopt the US dollar supported by a certain level of gold coverage and the support of industrial production output.

The GREAT RESET by Klaus Schwab is nothing more than a mainly monetary reset necessary to defuse the economic pandemonium that has arisen and which cannot yet be postponed for long because it has reached natural structural limits that require a great reset.

Obviously, like all scams, even the big reset needs to be covered with an attractive marketing campaign. Marketing means that something ignored at first becomes an indispensable idea. Everything that passes through TVs is marketing, in fact they are called commercial TVs. Now the commercial support in the maxi global teleshopping called Grande Reset is the Green agenda! Everything is done because it is "green" and if it is green it is necessarily beautiful, useful, sexy, ideologically right and absolutely essential.

Here are the stages with which the new Bretton Woods will be imposed:

1)  Creation of currency by Central Banks that will be credited to the digital wallets of citizens, who deprived of work will only have this tool in order to survive. The conditions for obtaining this privilege will be convoluted and absurd and people will spend entire days trying to figure out how to extricate themselves from the administrative jungle of this diabolical procedure, as in the Kafka Castle, with the aim of obtaining digital credits to buy the bare essentials online, to survive "green" like their own pockets! The complexity of the system will keep people busy and glued to cell phones and PCs, in fact also increasingly supporting the human union with the technological one. The cell phone loaded with money will be the new breast, the new maternal breast from which to suck life.

2)       Complete dismantling of the current banking system. Commercial banks have so far created liquidity mainly with the instrument of mortgage loans. We must remember that a bank creates money out of nothing by putting someone in debt (the fractional reserve is negligible). Mortgage loans then have their own parallel life and in turn create liquidity with the market for CDS, securitizations and MBS bonds. The MBS bonds also end up with tranches of problematic mortgages which, given the arrears, have a higher rate. Pension funds always in search of remuneration in a world of zero interest rates, are attracted by these high rates and have filled up, through hedge funds, with these junk securities along with the bonds of  oil companies from the Fracking industry operating at a loss and requiring daily infusions of state liquidity. So, in short, commercial banks and pension funds are on the verge of a collapse that doesn't happen because central banks print Q.E. in the order of hundreds of millions a month to support the galaxy of previous debt rot with new debt. All this will have to be faced and changed in a colossal deleveraging operation, or deflation that will not be painless. Watch the video by economist  Georghieva. In this operation, the real estate market, which has always been linked to banks and their mortgages, will also be impacted by major changes.

3)       When the Q.E. will stop the weakest commercial banks will go bankrupt and shut down forever. This is why we are witnessing  increasingly hasty merger between banking institutions, with the aim of creating ever larger monolithic groups. Even if the smaller banks will be left to fail, savers will still be protected by converting all or part of the amount of savings into the new institutional currency which will be complementary to the existing currencies for a while until complete replacement. The new currency will be a debt-free currency. This will help deleveraging as the new currency will not accrue interest. M1 - M2 - M3 will only be algorithmic money. Each transaction will be tracked and taxed. On the other hand, after the Patriot Act, privacy and freedom will no longer exist. Debt money creates subjection. Now subjection is easier because it was obtained with lockdowns and medical terrorism, therefore the coercive purpose of a debt currency has disappeared and in the new paradigm a non-debt currency may also exist because in fact freedom no longer exists and control over people's lives is total.

4)        The debtors who will not be able to repay - according to the plans of W.E.F. and I.M.F. - will have to sell private property and "be happy to have nothing". As I wrote in my newsletter: ATTENXIONE CAMBIA TUTTO (that still I have to translate in English),

the man of the future, a model citizen with no possibility of alternative,  1) stays at home,  2) leads his life passively on the sofa,  3) feeds on a bucket of synthetic and harmful government food, subsidized by the State which reduces the duration of life,  4 ) is entertained with TV programs that totally inhibit cognitive ability. Practically an orthodox life will be at home on the sofa. What is needed to conduct ordinary life will be subsidized. The only task of the now useless citizen will be not to be a nuisance  and possibly die in a short time, which is very ecological, very green, with the applause of the followers of Greta Thunberg and the Davosians. If you’ve noticed, this trend was much anticipated. It was celebrated by fashion, with skulls, symbols of death, widespread throughout merchandising, t-shirts, earrings, gadgets, etc. and with the symbolic apotheosis of the skull by the artist Damien Hirst, covered with diamonds. Title of his art piece: "For The Love Of God".

5)       Monetary war. While this will happen in progressive rapid moves, the world will have to rebalance and there will be strong aftershocks. In a world where the official currency loses its meaning, a currency war can be described as follows: every nation is like a boat that is sinking and that tries to stay afloat by emptying its hull with a bucket, flushing its contents into the neighbor's boat. , reciprocally, all together, in a frantic, much useless effort. The Federal Reserve, the issuer of the US dollar or the global reserve currency, has entered a terminal phase of voluntary destruction of the dollar. The “open ended” creation - bottomless - as defined by Ben Shalom Bernanke, former chairman of the Federal Reserve, creator of the concept of helicopter money and author of the first massive issues of Q.E dollars, had the result of the recent stock market trifecta where S&P 500, Nasdaq and Dow reached new highs together. While this may seem like a good thing, very few people benefit from a  hypertrophic stock market. For everyone else, this means that all this created money ended up crystallized in the stock markets, without circulating at the base for the serenity of everyday life. On the contrary, a weaker currency, because it is inflated, means that more units of the same currency are needed every day to buy the things you need to eat. When Mrs Smith goes to the market, she doesn’t care about what the Nasdaq is doing  if she sees that artichokes cost more, just like Abdul, when he has to buy flour to make khabaz bread and so on.

6)       Inflation or Deflation? Personally, I prefer inflation, because with inflation money goes around, changes hands quickly, and you have fun, life is cool and lively, while with deflation, nobody spends anything, all stingy and sad. Austerity is a deadly bore, we have seen it. Was the inflationary dolce vita Lira ( the Italian currency before the euro) better or the deflationary euro? However, here the biggest unknown ever opens up because what awaits us is an unexplored economic territory. The three protagonists of the first phase of this total paradigm shift will be: the DOLLAR,  GOLD and  BITCOIN. These days, the financial world is moving with great frenzy to position itself and be able to prevail in the turbulent phase that lies ahead. A few days ago an important diatribe on Gold and Bitcoin has opened. Discussions that I also personally participated in with my piece on Bitcoin, for which I was also criticized. Surely, at this stage, given the importance of the characters who have begun to express themselves favorably towards Bitcoin, it would be crazy not to consider it as the protagonist of the years to come. There are those who have also called it "Gold with teleportation" for the ease with which it can be transported anywhere. Max Keizer even sees Bitcoin as something that will replace central bank gold reserves. One thing is certain. The entire future, and I mean the entire future, will end up on Blockchain technology. At that point all the components of human life will be digitized and therefore traceable. The only things that cannot be digitized are the tangible ones. Gold is one of them.

This last reasoning brings me back to the title of this newsletter,  the birdseed challenge, because this immense game to which we adhere with more or less increasing levels of awareness and conscience, is a game in which we participate in the status of farmed chickens , locked up in a cage and treated on the same level as farmed animals by those who take care of us. Those in charge of us, choose our feed. Any attempt to move inside the cage, can have only the momentary and futile benefit of taking a handful of  birdseed more generous than the neighboring chicken, perhaps using  shrewdness, better understanding than others, how the complex mechanism of the gears of the machine that releases the grains works, and then brags, puffing up his feathers  and proud of himself for having been smarter than the others. Personally, I struggle to compete in the " birdseed challenge". I'm not that kind of person. It is so sad to see humanity getting lost after “the birdseed challenge”, when there would be so much birdseed for everyone and we could finally stop stagnating in material matter and grow in spiritual matter. I identify more with this verse of Mozart's Don Giovanni where the Statue of the Guest of Stone admonishes the libertine as follows:

He does not nourish on mortal food

Who nourishes on heavenly food.

Greater cares than these,

Greater desires guided me down here.

So, in the face of these epochal changes, in the face of all the lies and bullying that we will have to suffer, we must develop our own inner system to better bear all this evil and not go crazy.  As a lover of the sea and one who practices I free diving, I find comfort in Pellizzari story and try be like the milk and don’t sink to the bottom of reality like a dead piece of rock, but merge in it and try get a total understanding. Even if they will inject me with a poisonous vaccine,  beat my with the bludgeon, or starve me to death,  I know that I stand on the side of who is right and they stand on the side with the evil and when my time comes, I will not be afraid, just like I am not afraid now.  

I leave you with a quote from Dante’s Divine comedy:

“And if I am a shy friend to be true,

I am afraid of losing my life among those

 whom this time will call ancient”