Could it be that money and feelings are electrical impulses?

Money that’s in circulation  creates an energy dynamo. Economic exchanges are  loaded  and unload by the emotions of the people involved.

In life there are certain moments when you listen to someone talking and from that moment on you are no longer the same person. Words that change your life forever. A door is opened, you  enter, see a ladder and climb up, growing in consciousness. You move up a  level  and you leave the person you were before at the bottom. The people who teach us, take us on this path.

I don't remember  if  it was exactly 2007 or 2008. My fraternal friend and mentor Mario Puccioni invited me to attend a conference at the Feltrinelli bookshop in Florence. The speakers were Marco Della Luna and Nino Galloni. The event was coordinated by a Florentine intellectual whose name I do not remember, but I remember very well what he said: "What awaits us is an economic and social crisis without equal in the history of humanity. The crisis will manifest itself in waves and will last a very long time. Each wave will take away a piece of the world, until total dissolution ”! Prophetic words, which have come true totally. Incredibly, he nailed  the use of the word "waves", which is what is happening now; the use of this term referring to restrictions due to the virus. Waves that take away freedom, savings, certainties and everything that was nice to know you had and that will never come back. Such metaphor is well described in the tale of the Never Ending Story.

Marco Della Luna needs no introduction. His book Euroschiavi was for me the beginning of the path of understanding the true reality. Those who have not read it, buy it immediately. Nino Galloni, who presented the excellent book "Il Grande Mutuo" (which I bought – beautifully written book) said:


It’s been  more than twelve years after that conference. The world has taken wave after wave. On top of all that happens is always money. Life vital sap of the economy, which according to Nino Galloni, starts from theology, therefore from something otherworldly. This concept moves the playing field to a level that is no longer human, but abstract. If the quantum leap is not taken, the totality of the matter cannot be fully embraced.

During my readings and my studies, money appears  everywhere, and acts as an index to the economy and transcends what is intangible. An energetic-spiritual correlation. Maybe this was what Nino Galloni meant? If I happen to meet him again I would like to ask him. It's nice to be able to learn from those  who are superior in knowledge to ourselves. For now I go on trying to make sense of it, to explain it to myself.

We deal with money and the economy every day. But what is money really? Is it the measure of the economy. And what is the economy?

Could this perhaps be the answer?

The economy is the dynamo that is charged with the energy that we give it: human beings.

Our thoughts, all of our emotions and ideals are constantly directed towards money. Money is the energy current that gives life to everything that beats in our chest, in the good and in the bad.

Money, it’s the life  savings of a father. The fruit of his fatigue and his life's work. A beautiful thing, but at the same time it can turn into the envy of the children and their contention for inheritance. Someone's wealth becomes another's envy. Mixed feelings of pride and hatred. Whoever has money can do good or can do evil. Money turns into creative or destructive energy. The bills we handle may have been traded thousands of times. Now, the majority of exchanges are in the form of data streams: wire transfers, ATMs, credit cards, compensations, S.W.I.F.T. and also crypto currencies. Are money and feelings electrical impulses? Money can be the salary of an honest job or the pay of a murderer. Hard earned money or bloody money. Families destroyed by money. Relationships that end. Husband and wife screaming, plates banged to the ground and children crying under the bed:  money, alimony cheques . Love that transmutes itself into money. An eternal cycle of this goddamn money. So transversal, so indispensable and so powerful that it can bend anyone. Impossible not to participate in the economic dynamo.

Money makes dreams come true. Even the dreams of a child, who wants a toy so badly. Parents know the true joy of a child when he receives a toy. There is nothing purer. An energetic flow that starts from the heart, reaches the mind which money can make possible. The payment of one person becomes the availability of another. In the flow of exchanges, everything happens: from joy to death. From charity to perdition. What does not disappear is therefore the energy with which  money is recharged. Emotional energy that the owner gives to the instrument and that is transmitted from hand to hand, which is unstoppable.

A real dynamo that keeps the world going. A child's game and an adult's game. One of my clients bought a motorcycle with his savings. A nice toy to play with that money had made possible. Instead of living his dream and enjoying his motorcycle, he had an accident, and he died. The insurance liquidated his accident. A handsome sum of money. His wife, left with their son asked me how to invest that sum of money. They had the money but she no longer had a husband and the kid no longer a father. That tearful money is all that's left of a life. That money is the father. A dynamo of energy, of love, suffering, memories, passion, fear and hope. Doing my job is not easy. What do I say to this woman and her son? That money is just  a big heap of shit, run by the shittiest category in the world? That money comes from philosophy and that philosophy comes from theology? Who wants to hear these abstractions but me? This was the money of a good father who was unlucky,  a family of good people. Unfortunately for me, I feel this surge of energy. I feel it go through my whole body and I get emotional. I would like to give a certain and reassuring answer, but no one can accurately predict the future.

What I'm writing are just feelings and questions I ask myself and those who know more than me.

If it is the emotional energy that arises from the pursuit of money that charges the economic dynamo, what happens if this energy really and entirely flows into an electronic mechanism outside of us? In an increasingly electronic and virtual world? Is this where our emotions are sucked, no longer tangible, but increasingly the result of a simulated reality?

In all economic exchanges there is a more or less imposing emotional energy component. In investment trading or gambling, players are morbidly passionate and here they reach very high peaks. The win and the joy of one player equals the loss and misery of another. One and zero, like the binary code of a computer program. That's right!

The recent phenomenon of the birth of  Bitcoin and the crypto sphere has attracted many people who, thanks also to the fact of having been deprived of the freedom to move and have fun in an "analog" way, have found an outlet in the seductive virtual world, where wealth is within reach of a click. Like the fairy castle of a child of the previous era, now the realms are conquered by passing from one crypto currency to another. There are over 4500 to choose from and anyone who doesn't play is a fool: everyone is now saying so.

Thousands and thousands of blogs and chats where participants dream of one day buying a Lamborghini (on the chats they call it Lambo, it's cooler) and go where? When that day comes, if it does, they won't even want to go anywhere anymore, because the real world won't matter anymore. Young people now only play video games. Another sickening reality. Who cares about the real world when the virtual one is perfect?

When money, which is the emotional basis of our dreams, will become totally virtual, the final passage of the end of the human age and the beginning of the digital age will begin. A fundamental step. Virtual eroticism is also important in this context. The two strongest sources of human energy, that of self-preservation, impossible without money, and that of reproduction, linked to sex, which  already exist in a very large part in the world of servers. All our impulses will be stored here:

Computers will fully tap into our emotions, learn from our thoughts, and become more and more powerful.

Events such as lockdowns, confinements, restrictions, distancing, the renunciation of one's face, covering it with a mask, and all this snipping to branches considered useless to computer vampirism, will create the downloadable human of trans humanism, of the cybernetic immortality of singularity.

In the 1984 masterpiece film The Terminator, machines take over. The protagonist Sarah Connors wonders incredulously: - “but this technology is not possible”?

- "Not for another forty years"!  Says the hero who came from the future to save her.

Calculating forty years since 1984, will take us to 2024.

The film describes a world where a reality managed by machines forces the resistance of humans, who do not want to bend, to live miserably in a daily struggle against this deadly destiny. Now, computer algorithms determine the life or death of people based on the management of money flow. The resistance, already renamed with the derogatory term of negationist, will have to find a common way to preserve its humanity and not give in to the total virtualization of everything,  which will start with money and one wave at a time, crumble into nothingness. If we like the real world and do not want to disappear into the digital "nothing", the only thing we can do is stick together and maintain contact with nature, made up of tangible and living things. Thus we keep our emotions under the control of a dynamo that does not pass through the servers but from a heart that beats inside our human chest.