We are crushed under it


We are crushed under it


The current economic system is set up on an almost total interconnection between the participating subjects whose role is to serve each other. A totally symbiotic relationship that works thanks to the capillary lymph called money that must flow continuously, touching every component of the system.

Practically we  live in a world where each of us renders service to another; and the system is made fluid by currency. Everything could work well, but currency is an imperfect instrument because it is based on debt and this causes cyclical imbalances that, precisely cyclically, must be managed. This complex ganglion of interconnection between humans forms the basis on which the control pyramid is structured, where groups of humans alternate with each other, in a continuous and painful dispute in which money is contended, whose availability is kept artificially scarce for functional reasons such as imposed dominion. The scarcity of currency activates the mechanism of competition which in turn triggers the dynamo of the movement of the base of the pyramid. Struggling in the game of mutual suppression, this human dynamo feeds the apex with constant and vital energy. This is an economic scheme similar to that of multilevel sales companies where the base competes and the top gets paid and benefits totally. The system is so evident that it is featured on the most widespread banknote in the world.

Resources, taken from the base are sucked up from the top, in exchange for the false money lie. Until people understand how money works they will never understand the "sucking" structure of the pyramid. The system is explained very badly or not explained at all, and the greed of competitors for artificially scarce money are comparable to worms writhing on each other for a momentary and brief exposure to light, obtained at the expense of their neighbors, writhing over them , to then end up again at the bottom. The eternal alternation of the flow of human movements generates energy for the vertex which  illuminates itself. The prospect of climbing up the pyramid pushes ambitious people to harm others . The progression of life is quite traumatic. We start off as infants attached to  our mothers’ breast, then move on to  weaning, then on to soft baby food and eventually solid food that carries us into adolescence, to end up in the cold reality of "those who do not work do not eat" of adulthood, in a world where jobs are hard to find, due to artificially scarce currency that in theory should pay us.

 The base of the pyramid described above has never been a perfectly solid base because it is subject to various human components such as demographics, ethnicity, religions,  traditional costumes, etc. The desire of the vertex instead is to have a solid and compact base, therefore the work improvements of perfection  proceeds in that direction, that is, a consolidation of the base, where the blocks will be more firm in a homogeneous cemented and immovable structure. To achieve this result, management measures have been adopted which in recent times are receiving a particularly violent acceleration with the brutal maneuvers that have been imposed globally since the spring of 2020, all related to the synthetic virus that was and still is affecting us all globally.

So let's get to the point; to describe what awaits us.

The economic world, or the capillary lymph,  which as we have seen above, makes the functioning of the base fluid, has now reached the moment in which those physiological imbalances that arise after regular cycles of time must be managed. In this case, the current situation is particularly complex and intricate. Today the world is totally globalized and, consequently,  the solution put in place had to be a global solution. On the top payroll of the vertex are global decision making institutions, where visible servants of  all the countries, ratify and read press releases addressed to citizens who are unaware of what’s really going on and most of all very fearful.  

To consolidate the base in a more functional model of the system, the Chinese communist system was chosen. In fact, it is a question of managing an enormous number of people and homogenizing them in a conformed and totally obedient mass. The Chinese-style communist method has proven to be the most practical and satisfying one and it is the one that will be adopted from here on to manage us all. Wall Street has already embraced China. We will not be embraced as China has, but beaten to total submission. For someone who is already a communist, like almost all of my fellow citizens in Florence Italy, this will be quite easy and pleasant to accept. For those of us who still preserve Ugo Foscolo's “That warrior spirit I roar inside”, it will be much more difficult.

The ongoing wealth transfer that is facilitating this process is led by the Central Banks that create money out of thin air by making it flow into the stock exchanges.

This process, which may seem irrelevant, is actually the main reason for the slow impoverishment of the middle class. In fact, money that is instead better described as currency, created out of thin air inflates the value of existing money. What does this mean? It means that a larger sum of money-currency is needed to buy the same items and objects as before. And this impoverishes each of us every day, depriving us of purchasing power, while the big holders of capital become richer and richer, enjoying the growth of equity shares.

Rick Ackerman, of recently commented on how absurd stock market valuations, gained higher levels every day in a climate of economies zeroed by lockdowns, hit the craziest point with the IPO of Airbnb which is already worth $ 100 million. It is a company that has no assets, as the assets belong to the property owners, which deals with the tourism sector, which is now zeroed because you cannot travel. According Rick Ackerman, this is a sign that the measure taken has caused an overflow in the system comparable to that of the tulipmania  in the 1637.

While all eyes are on large multinational companies and big famous names, 70% of the economy comes from the so-called Small Business, the very economic model that the ongoing Great Reset aims to make  disappear completely. This process of annihilation of small businesses and private entrepreneurs requires great caution because the whole economic system is closely linked. For example: many companies rent warehouses, commercial spaces, machinery, establishments, etc. Almost all of these companies do not operate with their own capital, but with bank or bond loans. These loans, as we have already seen in one of my previous newsletters, (THE RIGHT VIRUS AT THE RIGHT TIME - IT'S ALL CONNECTED) take a life of their own in the REPO market, along with all loans including government bonds. A giant in the real estate sector that has issued a bond loan to build skyscrapers to be used as offices, relies on the flow of rents of the premises, occupied by various companies and professionals to honor the payment of security coupons and the final repayment of the security upon maturity.

These bonds, or debts that were used by the builder to build the structures, can change hands countless times. In a world of zero interest rates, the market is hungry for yield and appreciates these types of securities which, as long as everything goes well, are very profitable. In the world of REPOs, any bond can be bought out of debt, hoping to profit from the difference in interest rates (example, I borrow at 2% to buy a bond that pays 4%). It gets to the point that we no longer know who is the legitimate holder of the securities, because pyramids of derivative contracts are built on them.

The relationship between debtor and creditor is no longer bilateral from start to finish, but is split into complex highly risky structures. (For more information on REPO and derivatives, read the previous newsletters). In a scenario of annihilated business economics like that of today, we are witnessing a dramatic grand finale in which the foundation of this house of cards will collapse. For example, Ackerman says, 90 percent of New York's office space is no longer used. On those buildings there are mortgages and bonds that are inside the REPOs, as well as restaurants, subways and public transport and commercial shops. Nobody pays rents anymore. The bubble is bursting in the bond market, and an attempt is being made to hold it back by force with new "stimulus" or new debt.

The speculative securities have the same fate as  the bonds issued by the American oil companies that deal with fracking. Basically, it is the companies that have contracted huge debts by issuing bonds, hoping to repay them with the crude extract from the crushing of shale. The latter securities, given their very high yield, have been in great demand by pension funds. The entire extraction process called fracking is extremely expensive and can only be profitable with a high cost of crude oil. The signal to the entire world came in April 2020, when the price of oil went below zero.

This would seem to be an apparently inconclusive approach, that  could have served as a warning to the world,  we are all connected and dependent on the U$D  / oil paradigm, to adapt and obey to the directives of the lockdowns, with the aim of collectively managing   and disciplining  the progressive economic agenda of the Great Reset. The signal was clear: “LOOK WHAT WE CAN DO! WE CAN RESET OIL "! WHO DOESN'T ADAPT, WILL BE RESET "! In fact, everyone has adapted and oil has returned to normal values.

On the other hand, a globalized world moves as a single consenting entity. The purpose is to manage deleveraging, that is, the deflation of the bubble, preventing it from bursting. A bit like trying to deflate a balloon by letting the air out by pinching the opening between the  thumb and the forefinger: if it is held tight, it will make a small hiss. If it spreads out, it rattles, but if it is let go completely , it flies uncontrollably, bumping up against everything on its path and collapses who knows where. Unlike the deflated  balloon free flying wherever it wants, the economic deflation is meant to be diligently controlled.  

For this reason, central banks create liquidity on command and throw it, like buckets of water, where some systemic counterparty risk begins to ignite. People have become accustomed  to stepping aside, now useless components of a design in which they no longer belong. Since March 2020, Central Banks have bought $ 1.3bn worth of assets every 60 minutes and in 2020 they made 190 rate cuts; 4 cuts every 5 days! "U.S. Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Bank of Japan and ECB regurgitated $ 5.6 trillion of Q.E. this year alone, according to Bloomberg Economics. The ECB is expected to increase monetary creation by an additional 500 billion euros ($ 605 billion).

The program proceeds undisturbed. The pre-2020 world will not only never return, and people won’t even remember it anymore. Docile and frightened people, like muzzle puppies, wag their tails salivating when the owner grants an extra meter of retractable leash, and then twist their mouth, with half the tongue out and a strangling gasp, when the leash is suddenly shortened, pressing the button on the handle that controls its range of action. Anything that benefits the person's psychophysical health is now prohibited. Gyms, association venues, museums, theater and concerts. Evidently, the healthy person is unwelcomed to this economic model of those who would prefer us sick and want to administer pseudo chemical and toxic treatments.

Control is easy. The scarce and digital currency will keep people engaged in a perennial search for money that is not there or that is found in very complicated management apps. The media, when they constantly hammer on a topic, do not provide information, but persuasion. They create the necessary reality by completely avoiding talking about what you shouldn't know. In this way they create the "sentiment" to which the public adjusts, and the rest is irrelevant: it is as if it does not exist. These are stories tailored by the empire. This is fiction. The truth does not pay! Catherine Austin Fitts says “truth is a lonely road. In Orwell's 1984 book, Winston Smith comes to the conclusion that salvation can only come from the "proles". Well, if we are the proles and if we don't like this civilization, we should invent a new one ”!

I see it as an extremely difficult situation. There are at least three possible scenarios: 1) the Urban Survivors type, that is to say surviving as best we can in the worst of conditions, in cities transformed into slums where people will slowly get used to peaceful coexistence.

2) Run To The Hills, or survive in elevated positions, in small self-sufficient communities equipped with weapons and snipers positioned, where you can defend yourself from the hungry hordes. 3) The very few who have sufficient contact with the super rich class will be able to join forces with them.

The current health dictatorship will soon lead us to technocratic control. We are living beings that function in resonance with all other creatures on the planet. Technocracy aims to isolate us from this characteristic and make us communicate only with frequencies emitted by machines. It is the end of life as we know it. With the human component destroyed, the game will be done and the base of the pyramid will then be perfectly compact and functional to the system.