An objective evaluation to understand what has value.

By Andrea Cecchi

Anyone who has had the patience to read my newsletters so far would have had an idea of how we got here and what awaits us. I also exposed myself by making real predictions, which I hope have been useful to position ourselves correctly in this phase of history. Obviously, what I write are not monolithic truths, but only of the reasoning and conclusions drawn from my interpretations and my elaborations on studies and research that I have been carrying out for many years and that I am pleased to share to offer ideas and to pointers, also for myself. These are conclusions I’ve come to over time, more like keeping a  diary. You can use these reflections as you see fit.  These are just my views.

Here are the forecasts that I published on Facebook on January 1 and 2, 2020. I also highly recommend reading and studying the two Konzept newsletters part 1 and 2 where I translated and commented on Deutsche Bank's forecasts which offer a very interesting and plausible view on the next decade 2020 - 2030.



This is the summary of the predictions from Max Keizer and Gerald Celente that I posted on January 2nd on Facebook. "

Donald Trump will be re-elected. Globally, there will be an increase in social instability which already took place in 2019 in Chile, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Peru, Sudan, Israel, Haiti, Iraq, France, Lebanon, Spain, the USA, etc. With an increase in the intensity of the phenomena of social rebellion and public disorder in the streets with hundreds of thousands of people who, having lost their jobs and any hope of finding one, will have plenty of time to "mess around". In 2020 in the USA and elsewhere, the so-called Millennials will vote, i.e. those born from 2000 onwards. These young people are already well convinced that the ultra-rich class has stolen their future, grabbing all their wealth and destroying the planet from an ecological point of view.

All this, without ever having encountered any kind of punishment, despite the many financial crimes they have committed. These millennials embrace and will increasingly embrace the Communist ideology. The United States will be confirmed as the empire of debt! Central banks will continue to create money out of thin air, at zero or negative rates, to give it to commercial banks that lend it to citizens at a usurious rate, while the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank will continue to impose austerity measures on the people.

!! Here comes Negative interests  rates!!

It will be like wearing a T-shirt with the words: - "we will continue to beat you until your morale improves" Deflation? Yes. Especially on wages. On the other hand, there will be an increase in retail prices due to the trade war between the US and China. 2020 will mark the end of the dollar as we know it and the birth of 2 main economic poles:



The economy will require massive and ever-increasing doses of "monetary methadone" or new debt, to be injected into the system. An economy that needs injections of trillions of dollars of anti-panic money is not a functioning economy. The dollar will be crushed. China is ready to open the trap door under the feet of the US dollar. China will announce that it has not 2,000 tons of gold, but 20,000 tons of gold. But that is not all. It will also announce the issuance of a centrally issued crypto currency convertible into gold. The Chinese payment system through the We Chat platform and their technological supremacy including the control of half of Africa will make the transition extremely credible and comfortable.

The crypto currency thus issued will be a payment system superior to all those known because the transaction using the block chain does not need further verification. A banknote could be fake, just as a bank transfer could not arrive at the desired time, while the technology of crypto currencies allows the verification of the goodness of the transaction in instantly. The difficulty of clearing payments can be observed in the REPO market, where banks do not trust each other and that is why the Federal Reserve had to intervene by injecting up to 100 million dollars a day to compensate for the exposures of banks avoiding a chain reaction failure. The dollar is gone. Like all currencies in history, the dollar will also disappear. And what price will gold go to? Expressed as a dollar equivalent, gold, as well as Bit coins, will go to infinity, as the dollar will cease to exist.


The US will move troops to Venezuela because of the oil. The war will extend to all of South America. For the same reason, namely oil, there could also be an escalation towards Iran. A nuclear confrontation with Iran will be the end of the world. The trade war represents only 8% of the American GDP.. The problem is the global slowdown of the whole economy. This is why China will also continue to expand its debt. Because of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the financial and banking heart of Asia.

The riots and public disorder on the streets of Hong Kong damage China a lot and so they will try to appease the situation by racking up tons of money, but it won't work and then they will blame the trade war with the US. A final consideration concerns the increasing dependence on technology which has a disruptive effect on the increase of human stupidity which will be progressively dehumanized in the heart and in the spirit. People will get used to loving artificial intelligence in their life just as they have grown accustomed to loving artificial flavors in their junk food.


(Summary of Gregory Mannarino's predictions)

2020 will be "explosive"!

In the sense that the overall debt will explode and armed conflicts will continue to explode, especially in the Middle East.

The entity responsible for all this is the Federal Resereve.

The Federal Reserve is the private institution that manages the issuance of US dollars and consequently controls the entire US economy. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned company that makes a product and, like all companies, wants to sell as much of it as possible. Well, the Federal Reserve's product is the US dollar. The more it creates, the greater it gains in power.

We have seen that a monetary maneuver called REPO began last year. It involves generating hundreds of millions of dollars overnight to allocate to commercial banks that would otherwise go bankrupt in an instant due to defaults in the OTC derivatives market.

These operations will increase exponentially as will the Q.E., or the ex nihilo monetary creation to buy the Treasury Bonds and keep the rates suppressed.

What will be the results of these operations?

There will be a small physiological correction in the equity markets starting early these months. But the trajectory of the equity markets will be up. The paradigm is simple: the Federal Reserve creates dollars - buys bonds - rates remain artificially suppressed - public companies borrow at low interest rates and buy back their shares.

Equity markets continue and will continue to grow despite disappointing profit results. That's it: Investors are willing to pay an ever-increasing price to buy shares in companies that don't make profits. Media propaganda will help keep this game going. We will only talk about how good it is that the stock exchanges continue to mill new records, but the earnings data that in manufacturing and services are in free fall, will be cunningly concealed from the mainstream media.

Propaganda creates the illusion. The bigger the size of the lie, the more people will be willing to believe it.

The military actions of the American armed forces are destined to increase considerably, especially in strategic territories for the energy industry, namely the Middle East. So let's get ready for bombing, death and destruction. This will drive up the cost of oil, which is very good for the stock market and will create the need for dollars by partially absorbing the surplus of what is printed on the order of over 1 trillion a year.

US debt, which has so far grown massively, will continue to grow at Hyperspeed. Let's expect colossal figures that are exponentially higher.

This will impact on the dollar, which will lose value and will also cause Bitcoin, Crypto currencies and commodities including metals to rise.

In short:
1) monumental increase in debt

2) S&P 500 and DOW lists in vertical growth

3) weak dollar

6) drop in corporate profits (except for the Defense and Energy sector)

7) increase in war scenarios

And lastly: YES ... Donald Trump will be re-elected.

Many of these predictions have already come true since the beginning of the year: The attack on Iran with the killing of Qasem Soleimani in Iran, and the explosion in Beirut, the surge in the value of gold, silver and Bitcoin, public unrest on the streets, the dollar that has started to weaken, new records of the S&P 500, while Trump's re-election is still to be confirmed, given that Wall Street seems to prefer Joe Biden. We will see shortly.

We understand that we have reached the final stage of a system defined as “turbo capitalistic” which is accelerating rapidly towards the final blaze. This is the hardest part, because as long as you are describing catastrophes as they happen, it is quite easy: it is simply reporting. Doing something objectively and remedying it is much more difficult. It is very easy to inflate a bubble. Deflating bubbles is difficult and painful and nobody wants to do it because it would mean making sacrifices and nobody is willing to give up an inch of what has been achieved land reached so far. Personally I believe that rather protracted periods will follow which I have defined as “tighten and loosen” where small positive phases will alternate, in which people will return to hope, with progressively worse situations. The brief positive bursts will be necessary to instill courage and charge the subsequent crushing phase with greater sadism. Each phase called "tighten" will take away pieces of our flesh until annihilation.

What is very visible is a widespread feeling of anguish. Let's face it: life up to now has been quite pleasant at least for the inhabitants of the so-called "advanced economy" world. I think about everyday life. We have been able, more or less, working hard,  to afford a lot of luxurious things: take hot showers every day, plenty of food from all over the world, travel to exotic destinations, shoes and  fashionable clothing, cars and SUVs, watches, jewelry, perfumes, etc., etc. In short, we could dream and were able to accomplish some of those dreams.

We’ve been used to having access to things that were previously reserved exclusively for the rich and now we can no longer do without them (take it all away, but not my SUV). In the eighties we didn't have all of these things, but we were more serene because there was the absolute certainty that working hard, tomorrow would certainly be better. Now that tomorrow has arrived, we have the certainty that the future will be worse because that laboriously acquired prosperity is stolen from us day by day and it is this feeling of slow and inexorable decline, towards which we feel powerless that gives us that sense of concern that makes us suffer. Like being on a boat that is slowly sinking, with no lifeboats or ways to be saved. It must be admitted that we are all a little complicit. It has made us comfortable to expand debt and live well.

The money we all use is debt. Debt means borrowing resources from the future to live a better today. Therefore, even accusing the elites of being Malthusian and eugenic, even if it is true, does not deny that they have simply run a system that has been convenient for everyone; which we have benefited from and which we have all contributed to expand to its natural limit. It is too easy for Pinocchio to accuse Lucignolo in the story of the Land of Toys when the free ride ends. You create money, get into debt, and live well thinking that the bill will never come. But sooner or later the bill always arrives and as usual the poor people pay it. The period of relative serenity that we experienced while the debt bubble swelled out of proportion had to be used to allow us to evolve culturally and elevate ourselves from a consciousness point of view.

Technology has made  an almost unlimited amount of information available and human knowledge is just a click away. People, instead of taking advantage of all this and evolving, have instead used time, technology and economic serenity to get stoned with sheeple entertainment, with pornography, with junk food, pointing downwards, which is the easy way rather than rising. , grow spiritually and understand. The only thing these people read is the supermarket offers flyer. With such human material, it is not possible to do much and we must therefore think about ourselves and our loved ones. It's a selfish concept, I know, but I see no alternative.

The book ‘Walden’  by Henry David Thoreau's, describes what could be an experiment on trying to live without money. The author builds a house on a lake using his strength, skill and ingenuity, and begins to live with what he can produce and fish by exchanging the surplus for what he needs. The book contains an accurate accounting of what it takes to lead a life of this type, complete with a "ledger" notebook of income and expenses. Here: that is the only life possible without going through debt. Like the Bushmen, the Kawahivas, the Dani and the forest men. Sometimes I think that primitive tribes represent the most advanced humans. Naked in the forest, they had perhaps already seen Chernobil, Fukushima, the Exxon Valdez etc. thousands of years before these events occurred and they decided not to evolve and to live in harmony with nature.

Getting back  to us who do not live in the forests and try to understand what we can do to better face the years to come, assuming that we will still be granted opportunities and glimmers of freedom of action.

For convenience, I will divide the categories of people into three main economic areas. (Those who are already rich are not contemplated as they will always be better off because they are on the receiving end of the wealth transfer).

1)     The passive category: these are those who earn little and have little money, little initiative and are used to working for others by accepting pay, without an economic-financial culture and without any idea or desire to improve their situation. For this huge human category, there is little hope. These people will passively accept what is done to them. On the contrary, they will be happy to receive the subsidy and will accept socialism and government subsidies as a salvation to continue to live passively because that is their nature, giving up everything in order to continue not to think and not get busy. Model citizen of the future with no possibility of alternative: 1) "They adhere with pleasure to the slogan" I stay at home ", 2) leads his life passively on the sofa 3) he feeds himself with a bucket of subsidized synthetic food which reduces the duration of life 4) entertains himself with programs that totally inhibit cognitive capacity and debilitate, accelerating decubitus death.

2)  The Defensive Category: it is the category most at risk because it is that of the thinking middle class. It is the category currently under attack. Here there are people of high culture, well-structured savings between financial and real estate assets. As we have seen in the previous newsletters, which I recommend studying, the globalist design envisages a two-speed society where the middle class is not contemplated. It is a project that started many years ago and the speed with which it is being carried out in front of our eyes is incredible. In short: savings are debased and subtracted from inflation policies and zero interest rates and sudden introduction of new taxes, including patrimonial taxes and new penalizing currencies, (see Euro) and diverted to necessarily risky investments that are often subject to even heavy losses, when managed by operators in bad faith or used for so-called Bail In. Being under attack, the middle class can only defend itself. Becoming aware that things are destined to get worse and  avoid fatal mistakes, such as ,the mistake of continuing to have hope that certain economic sectors can recover soon. This crisis has only just begun and will continue for a long time to come. You have to play with a lot of tenacity and have strong nerves to defend yourself with all your strength and save what can be saved. To tell the truth, in addition to defending itself, the middle class is facing a crossroads, either to go down the ladder, to become poor and live in orthodoxy the cerebral coma of the subsidized socialist or to try to join the rich class by making the leap in quality. The latter is necessary in order not to sink, but it is very difficult. However, it is not impossible by implementing the third strategy; the offensive one.

2)     the Offensive Category: here everyone organizes himself as he can according to his talents, his passions and his personal knowledge and the circle of friends. In my opinion, observing what happens and based on the considerations made, is that there are very few viable ways left. It is necessary to understand which path could lead to hope and which to defeat. First of all it is necessary to understand  what it is of value. Let's start with an objective consideration by answering this question: what is in abundance  and what is scarce? Knowing that scarce things are also precious. So, let's take a look:


• Low cost labor

• Deplorable urban areas like favelas where these laborers live in swarms.

• Areas of high industrial density with the irremediably polluted and devastated environment: smog, tar, greyness, squalor, rot.

• Areas where it is dangerous to live for delinquency.

• In general, everything that is human degradation, , ugliness, filth, misery and destitution. Billions of people live in these conditions. Billions of people are willing to work for $ 3 a day, and cheap labor is a commodity that is bought on a global scale, regardless of ethnicity, gender and age.


• Ultra rich class.

• Exclusive places with few people and places with beautiful and uncontaminated nature.

• Ultra skilled labor in high profile jobs.

• Talents capable of providing top-of-the-range services or crafts.

• Springs of pure water. Clean and crystalline sea. Dream beaches. Stunning landscapes. (You can print unlimited money, but you can't print a source of pure water).

• Excellence, virtuosity, beauty.

Some time ago, a friend said that while walking in Portofino he happened to overhear a conversation between two yachtsmen while they were sipping champagne on the deck of the fabulous yacht, and watching people stroll: “homo sine pecunia imago mortis”. This sentence, which seems to be uttered by the likeable Italian actor Dogui, highlights how it really sucks for the filthy rich to make  the eye contact with the poor.

Even the former CEO of Lehman Brothers Fuld, was famous for having a personalized entrance with a combination keypad where only he had access to the elevator that took him directly to his office in the mega penthouse in New York thus avoiding the terrible risk of meeting his subordinates in the corridors. To understand the mentality of the rich, I recommend reading the book "Richistan - How The Rich Bucks Spend Their Big Millions" by Robert Frank, to get an idea of how to get on board the ship of the mega rich which is the only one that will be saved.

If this prospect disgusts you, there is always the favelas together with the hundreds of thousands of migrants who will want to make their way with machetes, taking away from those who have a little more than them, transforming our cities into places similar to their cities of origin: Lagos, Tunis, Bogotà, Lahore, defended and encouraged by the police. Immigrants receive rules and execute them with extreme discipline. They are injected into our societies with orders to deal drugs and commit crime. They want to do a job well done, and that's why they get pissed off if the police try to limit their action. "You made us come here and you told us to do this, why are you saying no now"? Ideologically, they are right. Interestingly, in the case of Silvia Romano we can intuit the use of a subliminal symbol. The kidnapped girl returns to Italy with the germ of Islam to which she converted, in her womb, as if to embody in herself the symbol of Italy today, forcibly desecrated and bent to accept a destiny in her womb that will lead her towards the new cult to be adopted which will be Islam and submission. Even the Romano name is not accidental. Roman heritage becoming Islamic. It’s a symbol.

Let's get back to evaluating the strategies. Fortunately, in Italy we still have some if not all of the things that are scarce, but unfortunately also the others. Considering the current management of the reality where citizens are harassed and locked up at home, while there is degradation and rage on the streets, those who can afford it will look for every viable way to elevate themselves and their family from situation 1 to situation 2. In other parts of the world, this trend has been observable for a long time and is accelerating exponentially. The jobs and investment opportunities in this new type of market are very interesting. Here is a series of articles explaining these new ultra-rich trends:




I started this newsletter hoping to give some ideas on how we might save ourselves. I was hoping to be the one to offer solutions, but at this point I think that each of us can contribute by voicing your opinion to me too. Unity is strength. Whoever found this newsletter of mine did it either because they know me personally or because they get information from sites that talk about things that the mainstream media try to hide. Initially this newsletter received 30/40 views from my friends who know me personally. After I wrote the articles ‘THE RIGHT VIRUS AT THE RIGHT MOMENT’ and ‘IT'S ALL CONNECTED’, the writer Nicola Bizzi first contacted me and later Maurizio Blondet shared those posts giving me their personal compliments, I received unexpected attention and great success and this made me very happy.

After this long preamble, let’s talk about my plan. As announced several times in previous newsletters, I have developed my own plan that I am trying to implement together with some collaborators. I invite you to read the links of the articles above. What drives me is not greed or the desire to make money, but the search for a way out with which to continue to live peacefully and in peace. I am 51 years old. I wish I could live the rest of my days decorously. Nothing  more.

Those with inventiveness and entrepreneurial spirit will have no difficulty in assessing whether these are viable things based on their own personal situation, skills and entourage. These are ideas that are also very valid for recreating something similar here in Italy. The business of "gated communities" has not yet started and there is enormous potential. There are still many people with a lot of money just waiting for someone to tell them how to invest it, proposing sensible and tempting projects.

I don't want to go into the details of what I have elaborated so as not to be accused of wanting to sell something. I don't want you to think that I wrote all of this to try and sell my plan to someone. There are already too many barkers on the web. I'm not that kind of person. So I decided, along with my wife who is a citizen of the Bahamas, not to talk about what we are doing. I will just say that it is something related to the links I posted above, and that we are already in an advanced stage of planning. Then, paraphrasing Nozze Di Figaro, “The REST I WILL NOT TELL”.

A great, universally valid piece of advice comes from the big investor Jim Rogers:

“STAY WITH WHAT YOU KNOW! rely on what you know well, your personal talent and your passions. What is done with love and passion is done correctly. Everyone wants to make money quickly and easily, but there are no winning tips. You need to differentiate your investments and know how to understand what is valuable "!